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What is an honest productive conversation? When we balance empathy with facts, what is the definitive context and criteria for objective fairness, whenever we approach situations, issues or topics? What do you want for yourself? Do you believe in being approached with intellectual integrity and humility, to respect civil rights and progressive discussions? Does this change, regardless of whether the topic affects less than ten people, or billions of lives and hundreds of billions of choices worldwide, every day?  

Whether you are an ex-Muslim — forced to leave home and family behind on the basis of divergent belief — a questioning Muslim, or simply someone who wants to help fix a broken system, we’d like to share with you why it is time to have an earnest cultural dialogue involving Ex-Muslims.

Every day, this world and what happens is comprised of intersecting stories, containing details and facts you may or may not be aware of, or wrongly misunderstand.

To enable an effective evolutionary process of change and solutions, it is imperative to get the storyline and details accurate. Ex-Muslims, non-Muslims and Muslims are vital pivots and participants in a global conversation that has not yet occurred.

The time has come for this conversation.

To overcome obstacles of misunderstanding and miscommunication, this important conversation has been divided into two stages. The first stage is about awareness while enabling people to understand Ex-Muslims and the humanity we share, regardless of whether we identity as Ex-Muslim, Muslim, or non-Muslim. The second stage unveils facts and details alongside evidence, helping every child and adult to face global reality and progress together.

No matter your background or where you come from, we want to help you give voice to a difficult perspective. We offer a place to share your thoughts on these problems, and how we might work together to solve them. Will you help us shift the script?

Read our “Concept of Why” section to learn more.