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Reforms, resolution and change for the better can only happen, when we meet on common ground. Common ground includes fears, hopes, dreams, and pain when families are unfairly broken up. If you possess unique knowledge to heal broken families, and you are the only person who can start this world-changing solution, will you help? Will you risk everything?

How do we respect the journeys of different individuals, while disagreeing peacefully? Encourage civic-minded dialogue. Understand how respect for fellow humans involves giving truth with a balance of empathy and facts, fundamentally anchored by nuanced accurate context based on intellectual integrity and intellectual humility.

To demonstrate certain conclusions based on evidence this world has never seen in combination, More Than Murtadd carefully presents the story of an investigation centred on a unique combination of 3 key facts hidden from 99% of the current global population. 2 Southeast Asian countries connect to the USA and Middle East, in a story you need to know.

Ex-Muslims need your awareness and support, and the time has come for a ground-breaking evolutionary conversation proving how Ex-Muslims, non-Muslims and Muslims are connected. Informed choices need accurate vital information in a globally-connected reality. 

More Than Murtadd is the gateway to help governments, citizens and media of all countries, ever since a certain unique civilisation was born of an intentional migration known as the Hijrah, hence transforming Islam in all dimensions more than 1300 years ago.

The lives and choices of many children and future generations will depend upon you understanding the implications of the investigation, and what you choose to do with the information. You are a vital pivot in space and time, to create the future. Will you help to resolve pain, problems and injustice affecting billions of lives, in our countries every day?

No matter your background or where you come from, we want to help you give voice to a difficult perspective. We offer a place to share your thoughts on these problems, and how we might work together to solve them. Will you help us shift the script?

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