deviating from historical orthodox Sunni Islam? Regarding the jurists and clerical authorities who supervised the Ottoman Sultans, how did they teach and verify the authenticity of the various ʾaḥādīth without internet and modern science? They obviously had to follow a certain amount of earlier-established orthodox Sunni Islam scholarship, and you have no grounds to refute this fundamental truth.

Sign 9 in this Darussalam book has an interesting note in green, regarding “the attitude of Ahl Al-Sunnah concerning the fitnah that occurred among the Companions”. It mentions the Ṣaḥāba were only human and not Prophets, hence there were differences of opinions resulting in disputes, errors and fighting.

“Ahl Al-Sunnah definitely agree that the Companions are the most righteous people and the closest to the path of the Prophet, so it is obligatory to refrain from discussing [any shortcomings] and remain quiet about the disputes that arose between them; to refrain from spreading this [difference of theirs] among the common folk, which may cause them to have a negative view of them and create Fitnah and resentment against them, thus causing people to ill-feeling about them. The way of the Ahl Al-Sunnah wa’l- Jamaa’ah is to refrain from discussing what happened among them (may Allah be pleased with them).”

Making Sunni Muslims aware of errors would easily undermine the entire premise of Sunni Islam, since its authoritative ʾaḥādīth and various tafsīr and Qur’an were “preserved” by other humans, but not the prophet Muhammad. Can you see why it requires a non-Muslim to reveal these Darussalam books to the world, instead of the two Sunni Muslims who lent me these books?

To be fair, the one who tried his best to understand has linguistic difficulties with the Arabic and English languages -not helped when both Muslims had educational difficulties and did not have the opportunities I possessed- while also being self-taught without my skills



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