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# In human history, there has never been a conversation conducted at a local, national and global level simultaneously. The human species has achieved unprecedented breakthroughs in many fields improving the quality of life for many people, yet still unable to solve long-running complex problems.

# Depending on the extent of your ability to see the complex interwoven dimensions of problems across space and time, locally and globally, what is the first topic to enable the global population to advance and learn together, on many fronts?

# Intellectual humility and intellectual integrity must be applied as consistently as possible. To learn the importance of how these two traits capably dissolve ignorance and false divisions, people must understand where and how others have been wrongly misled. This topic affects billions of choices and people every day.

# 3 key facts with connected stories and consequences in a hidden story have not yet been revealed on a local and global scale alongside irrefutable evidence, demonstrating a local-to-global comprehensive reality unrealised to many of you. These facts affect Ex-Muslims, who are victims and have been denied justice and voices in public awareness for more than 1000 years, and they need help.

# To be made aware of these truths and an unavoidable connective reality may require you to realise you have been wrong about certain beliefs or ideas. Humility requires being willing to do so. Will you choose to respect intellectual humility and integrity for the sake of your fellow humans, or will you turn away from that? Your answer will determine your character, in more ways than you can imagine.   

# What would you want for yourself, if you need help? Would you want to be told lies, selective truths contributing to misunderstandings, or connective truths with vital accurate context? What you want for yourself should be what you give to others. What do you want the children of this world to learn from you? What solutions do you want to provide the victims of injustice? They live in the Sahel, in parts of Asia outside the Middle East and not just the countries you are aware of, and many people need your help.

# To have a proper conversation comprising civilised intelligent agreements and disagreements leading to effective solutions and understanding, we need to take turns to listen, read, digest and speak. People also need to understand the difficulty of navigating a world full of information bombardment in multiple mediums, and the necessity for caution, without being carried away by personal bias or bad experiences.

# How are ex-Muslims affected, because of what Muslims and non-Muslims do not know? How are Muslims affected, because of what non-Muslims and other Muslims do not know? How are you affected, because of what you do not know?

# These 3 facts must be faced together, especially alongside the evidence presented to you, and they are:

1 – Governments of every country worldwide officially classify Islam as a religion of many divisions. Of all the various divisions within Islam, Sunni Islam clearly has the most adherents with a population of more than 1.5 billion people, constituting at least 80 percent of the current global Muslim population.

2- Since the intentional migration of the prophet Muhammad from Mecca to Yathrib known as the Hijrah, Sunni Islam has always been classified as a Deen/Dīn (a strict and all-encompassing way of life). More than 1400 years later, the rules governing this civilisation are virtually unchanged. This has not been realised globally, because too many people do not understand or have not correctly understood the meaning of critical Arabic words such as “Dīn” (cannot be translated into “religion”) and “Dawla”, in accordance with how these words were understood by the earliest Muslims more than 1000 years ago, and why one oral tradition in Sunni Islam can control what you learn from others.

3- The earliest Muslims obviously endorsed a flat earth theory more than 1000 years ago, in the most important oral traditions of the authentic Sunnah governing Sunni Islam. How does this invalidate any authority from the Qur’ān and authentic Sunnah, and what is the significance of this fact becoming globally widespread and officially acknowledged worldwide, when you see irrefutable evidence compiled in a manner never seen before?

# This conversation must happen for many reasons. Islam and the Qur’ān can be proven to be irreversible failures with no divine authority and no credibility. If Islam was a religion, this significance would have limits. However, Islam has been given credibility and authority by governments and some people in many countries, being exercised in courts, used in constitutions, and affecting many aspects of many Islamic and non-Islamic societies.

# Islam is not a cult, not a religion, not an ideology, and not what many people choose to hurl at it. Islam’s official self-definitions, official goals and official claims based on a supposed divine authority requires governments and citizens to make official decisions in response.

# For more than 1000 years, authoritative sources within Islam have perceived and defined Islam as a unique civilisation ruled in accordance with Dīn perfected by a divine creator. And in this process, created and amplified cruel deception affecting many citizens within the largest human civilisation in history, because of a minority of citizens within that civilisation. The number of citizens constituting the unique civilisation of Islam surpasses China’s current population of more than 1.3 billion people.

# Have you seen the teachings of local-born and foreign imams in countries such as USA and Pakistan, explaining to their congregants why Islam is not a religion, while claiming Islam’s official status is a religion alongside associated benefits from the clueless governments? Do you want to understand the well-protected unchanged scholarship of Sunni Islam which has been binding on all Sunni Muslims for more than 1000 years, fundamentally understood within three oral traditions, and controlled by one oral tradition?

# A significant number of Sunni Muslims and other Muslims do not know this and are not aware of the implications of the 3 key facts alongside detailed answers to 3 main questions, or they would have rejected Islam a long time ago. This can be obviously deduced, when evaluating certain countries within South-east Asia. 

# How are clerics and scholars in Sunni Islam defined as qualified, to have authority over the majority of Sunni Muslims? Would such a Muslim have to know fundamental Sunnah, to be classified as qualified within a field of Islam’s various topics? Of the 3 key facts, 2 of the facts are fundamental Sunnah.   

# In 2009, a Pew Research article stated an approximation of 1.57 billion Muslims within a global population of approximately 6.8 billion people, which is approximately 23% of the global population. In 2017, another Pew Research article stated an approximation of 1.8 billion Muslims in 2015. Within European countries, France and Germany have the largest Muslim populations. In the USA, migration and birth rates have seen the Muslim population increase by approximately 100,000 people a year, since 2011.   

# If you wish to understand Sunni Islam accurately and how the Qur’ān is to be interpreted, please remember all books, lectures and references you use in Sunni Islam (historical and contemporary) are dependent on the intentions and knowledge of the writers, editors, translators, scholars or clerics. A Sunni Muslim who properly understands fundamental Sunnah (including 2 key facts) will know which oral tradition in Sunni to respect first.

# For Sunni Islam, the most important book you need to read is “Forty Ḥadīth Nawawī”, and you must understand the necessary details of what each oral tradition stands for, which is a separate book in itself.  The selected oral traditions in this book contain the fundaments of Sunni Islam, and the first ḥadīth is the most heinous and influential because understanding it properly governs the teachers qualified in Sunni Islam to teach others about the civilisation of Sunni Islam. This ḥadīth is one-third of all knowledge according to Imam Shāfiʿī (one of the 4 mujtahid imams). This ḥadīth was also chosen by Imam Bukhārī as the first oral tradition to begin Sahîh Al-Bukhâri, in the Book of Revelation and under the chapter titled “How The Divine Revelation started being revealed to Allah’s Messenger.” [click here]

I heard the Messenger of Allah (ﷺ) say: “Actions are (judged) by motives (niyyah), so each man will have what he intended. Thus, he whose migration (hijrah) was to Allah and His Messenger, his migration is to Allah and His Messenger; but he whose migration was for some worldly thing he might gain, or for a wife he might marry, his migration is to that for which he migrated.” [Sahîh Al-Bukhâri and Sahîh Muslim]

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# What is the highest honour bestowed on a true believer of Allah of the Qur’ān, if a believer designates his intentions primarily and solely for the sake of Allah? It is when Allah of the Qur’ān allows true believers to attain Paradise and allows them to see him and his Face clearly on the Day of Judgement, and their faces will be radiant (see relevant sources explaining 75:22 and 75:23 of the Qur’ān).

The three questions you need to know are as follows:

1) Can Sunni Muslims (which consist of more than 1.3 billion Muslims and at least 80% of the current global population of Muslims) please explain to Muslims and non-Muslims why Allah of the Qur’ān allowed all the earliest Muslims (including the prophet Muhammad) and so many of the guardians of his knowledge to deceive so many Sunni Muslims every day, for more than 1000 years about ṣaḥīḥ ʾaḥādīth in the Sahîhain (which are Mutawatir in the authentic authoritative Sunnah constituting Sharīʿah governing the civilisation of Sunni Islam) used to explain how/why certain verses such as 36:38 of the Qur’ān about the sun were given while also describing a major sign of the Hour before the Day of Judgement about the obligatory belief for all Sunni Muslims regarding the actual rising of the sun from its place of setting in the West and moving over a flat earth to help create night and day, contradicting the proven science and daily reality of this planet rotating on its own axis as it revolves around the sun to create night and day?

2) Why did the Ottoman sultans never make Hajj and why were they exempted, and how is the duty of Sultans and Caliphs different from other Muslims (according to one oral tradition and one article of less than 1000 words by Professor Ahmet Akgündüz, who has more than 30 years of experience specialising in Sharīʿah practised by the Ottoman Sultans and Caliphs), and how do the facts answering this question of vital Islamic history empower violent jihādists who know they are emulating the Ottoman Sultans and the earliest Muslims and especially the prophet Muhammad, while also knowing any Muslim who endorses the Qur’ān also endorses and empowers them in accordance with the binding historical scholarship of Sunni Islam from more than 1000 years ago?

3) How is one authentic non-abrogated oral tradition from Sahîh Al-Bukhâri about the compilation of the Qur’ān relevant to the chronological and historical revelation and context of the various chapters of the Qur’ān according to Sunni Islam, especially the significance and differences in the revelation of the Mecca and Medina chapters and verses of the Qur’ān supposedly vital to helping 2nd caliph `Umar ibn Al-Khattāb finalise the Hijri calendar which is of great national and divine importance to Islam, which also involves the Hijrah mentioned in Sūrat Al-Barā’at, the significance of Sūrat Al-Barā’at, and the historical significance of the Hijrah defining the details of an irreversible transformation and transition of Islam from merely being a small group of Muslims doing individual da’wah, into a civilisation and nation of Islam with masjids and madrasahs and establishing Schools of Sunni Islamic jurisprudence to officially spread da’wah on a global scale today with the aim of Islam conquering the entire world, which has resulted in the migration of Muslims into countries within Europe and all other countries not ruled by Islam?

# Now that you are sufficiently wary of whatever you look at from Islamic sources (especially if it is a translation), reading “Riyâd us-Sâliheen” by Imam an-Nawawī will add details and further cement certain beliefs of Sunni Islam. Please also read “Al-Aqīdah” by Imam Abu Ja’far Al-Ṭaḥāwi, which is the creed of the civilisation of Sunni Islam.

# Vital history and vital context alongside precise understanding of certain words is necessary. The history and significance of the Hijrah of the prophet Muhammad from Mecca to Yathrib must be understood. Vital Arabic words in the Qur’ān and fundamental Sunnah must be understood accurately by everyone. People who do not understand vital history are likely to repeat bad history and/or create new victims, in foreign policies and domestic policies.

# Please read Two Stages of A Conversation and First Stage: What are Ex-Muslims? before advancing to the Critical Summaries. If you wish to read The Story or Details by Topic, please read those first. 

# If personal peace or communal peace is maintained using ignorance, silencing people about necessary knowledge, based on little knowledge without sufficient depth or extent… is peace based upon intelligence and wisdom for an evolving humanity helping everyone advance, peace based on shades of grey which you have not yet decided upon, or peace based on ignoble shallow cherry-picking illusions while selfishly ignoring the suffering of other people?