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Books, articles and other references have been carefully chosen to help you understand how Ex-Muslims have suffered because 99% of today’s population do not know 3 combined facts of an investigation, as revealed on More Than Murtadd.

The accuracy and relevance of contents to help everyone understand are more important than prejudices or justified contempt some of you may have about any of the sources.

If you click the hyperlinks on this website and go to those sources eg an online media outlet and wish to subscribe to them after reading their article(s), please do so. Similarly, if you realise a reference has been left out, please point out what is not present in this list attempting to capture references used for more than 411 pages of this website.

The Oxford referencing system is mostly used here, with slight alterations.

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  • The Qur’an (a book supposedly narrated by the prophet Muhammad and a written version supposedly completed during his lifetime and before his death [632 CE] and supposedly during the lifetime of the first rightful Sunni caliph Abū Bakr, which was then supposedly finalised by third rightful Sunni caliph ‘Uthmān ibn ‘Affān into one dialect without varying dialects to avoid disputes, and is a book whereby people identifying as Muslims definitely cannot agree about how it is to be interpreted and adhered to, but has several unavoidable binding tenets classifying true Muslims and hypocritical Muslims and non-Muslims, according to a divine all-powerful immortal being of creation who has predetermined everything.)
  • Too many books of the Sunnah and outside the Sunnah


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  • “ISIS Campaign: Advising Palestinians to carry out lone wolf attacks”, The Middle East Research Media Institute, 20 October 2015,, (accessed November 2015)
  • “Russian plane crash: ‘terror act’ downed A321 over Egypt’s Sinai”, BBC, 17 November 2015, , (accessed December 2015)

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