Critical Summaries


Critical Summaries are a list of relevant summaries to be read first before all else, in a certain order. Please read four Critical Summaries with ****** next to them first, alongside the evidence. The four Critical Summaries are cs3, cs4, cs5, cs6 and cs9.

Whenever you read a Critical Summary in this compilation, please imagine someone reading to you in a calm, neutral, matter-of-fact manner disseminating facts, resembling a news anchor reading off a teleprompter while also holding a stack of papers containing hard copies of the scripts, which will appear eventually on the teleprompter.

The objective of such scripts is to ensure that during commercial breaks, the news anchor familiarises oneself with the content, to avoid mispronunciations and take mental notes, among other purposes.

Online as opposed to seeing someone in person, one cannot see tone. And rather than having you run away wrongly with your imagination in terms of how you perceive these words, describing the tone to you, Dear Reader, is important.

The topic of Islam should not be unveiled in a heated manner. Exaggeration and hyperbole have no place in critical conversations, productive dialogue, or fruitful collaborations.

A productive discussion requires starting off with the right footing and tone, while refusing to immediately decide to be violent or derisive toward anything you disagree with, as you read through what is presented.

If you do not understand any Arabic words used, you will understand after reading certain summaries first, as stipulated above.


Critical Summary 1 – An overview of why evolutionary conversations on a local-national-global scale are necessary, when humans have never had such conversations for most of human history.

Critical Summary 2 – What are Ex-Muslims? How are the futures of Ex-Muslims tied to Muslims and non-Muslims? How do we conduct a ground-breaking evolutionary conversation connecting Ex-Muslims, non-Muslims and Muslims?

How do all the Critical Summaries connect to each other?


CS3****** – Structure. System. Definitions. Accurate context. Facts to know, before comparing systems and drawing accurate parallels. What do you need to know, when you evaluate a topic? Do you agree or disagree that vital context and accuracy in using words is important, when discussing complex topics or dissecting fundamental criteria you choose to espouse as a healthy or holy way of life?

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CS 4****** – Answer to Question 3: The Sun literally rising from its place of setting in the West over a flat earth during Sunni Islam’s Hour uses the most authoritative ṣaḥīḥ ḥadīth mutawaatir in the Sunnah, proving the fundamental failure of the non-divine Qur’ān, Sunnah, Sunni Islam and Islam for more than 1000 years, as evinced through the book sold by a publisher known as “global leader in Islamic books”, available in Islamic bookstores of many countries.

Can Sunni Muslims consisting of more than 1.5 billion Muslims and at least 80% of the current global population of Muslims please explain to Muslims and non-Muslims why Allah of the Qur’ān allowed all the earliest Muslims (including the prophet Muhammad) and the leaders of the civilisation of Sunni Islam to keep so many Sunni Muslims ignorant every day, for more than 1000 years about ṣaḥīḥ ʾaḥādīth in the Sahîhain, since such oral traditions are Mutawaatir in the authentic authoritative Sunnah constituting Sharīʿah governing the civilisation of Islam, known as the Ummah?

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***”Bangladeshi Ex-Muslim Mhd. Sazzadul Hoque is not fluent in English, but does his best to give a Bengali translation of a simplified Critical Summary 4 here.

CS 5****** – Crucial definitions of Deen/Dīn and Ummah: Defining the civilisation of Islam which is more than 1000 years old. First, you need to understand why Al-Islam according to Sunni Islam is a Deen and not a religion, and understand the meaning of the word “Deen/Dīn”

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CS 6****** – Vital history about Islam, such as the significance of the Hijrah as an intentional weapon by the prophet Muhammad who already knew much about Medina before migrating there to conquer Medina for the sake of Islam, why Muslims should emulate him in migration and intentions, how the Hijrah transformed Islam from a movement into a civilisation known as the Islamic State, and why this vital period of Islamic history explains the effects of what is happening in non-Islamic countries when Islam revives itself and gets stronger.

Or to put it simply, “Read essential history and make the necessary choices soon, or you will lose your country if it is not yet ruled by Islam”.

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CS 7 – Books in Sunni Islam you need to know as pivotal points to help you without going astray, and why. All scriptures of Sunni Islam being used in the authentic Sunnah is due to Islam being a unique civilisation of specific criteria, not a religion.

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CS 8 – Darussalam book review 1: THE END OF THE WORLD Signs of the Hour Major and Minor, by Al-Shaikh Muhammad ibn ‘Abd Al-Rahman Al-‘Areefi

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CS 9****** – Imam an-Nawawī and his books, focusing on “Forty Ḥadīth Nawawī”, and a summary of the first 11 oral traditions from that book. The most-binding and flexibly dangerous oral tradition governing the scholarship of Sunni Islam obeyed by those guardians in charge of the civilisation of Sunni Islam is explained here.

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CS 10 – Book review of the 2nd Darussalam Book known as “The Unchallengeable Miracles of the Qur’ān” by Yusuf Al-Hajj Ahmad.

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CS 11 – Lying is not lying when… and intentions: the 2 crucial factors you need to know because Muslims accurately-educated about Sunni Islam can lie to other Muslims according to Sunni Islam, with proof of lies using 2 Darussalam books and other facts. When one learns about Islam through visual or audio mediums, it usually involves sources of written words from someone else which may stretch back more than 1000 years, and transmitted by another person.

When you assess teachers, translators, writers, narrators, and so forth, what might you want to know, before you can decide whether to trust their integrity and their accuracy in what they convey to you?

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CS 12 – How would you put an end to Jihād, through stopping people from being brainwashed into believing lies and evil? How would you understand and permanently change the wrong mindsets of unrepentant terrorists who are in prison for jihād, such as Mohammad Hassan Saynudin who is sentenced to jail until 2027 in Indonesia? Why must you precisely understand what is Jihād?

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CS 13 – Binding fundamental definitions of Jihād: What you need to know.

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CS 14 – Invasion of Constantinople proves Islam was never peaceful

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CS 15 – Constantinople must be involved in a war again one more time, and here is why you need to understand what is taken seriously in Sunni Islam by those who are sufficiently-educated in the authentic Sunnah.

Europeans and Americans, more than 1000 years ago, you were defined as Roman Christians, and do you know what Islam intends for the Roman Christians?

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CS 16 – Why is Islam resistant to change, unlike other religions? Why are a sizeable number of Muslims unable to integrate in the countries they migrate to? Can you integrate a civilisation which considers itself superior to anything else in existence?

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CS 17 – Ruling in accordance with what Allah revealed is one of the most important obligations in Sunni Islam. French law and English law are examples of what is not revealed according to Allah, as this Darussalam book confirms. What offline and non-book consequences are there? Plenty. More proof of Islam not being compatible with anything non-Islamic.

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CS 18 – Women and Islam: The definitions and context you must know, because there are no girls in Islam. Violence towards women (part 1)

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CS 19 – How Islam affects females and LGBT people (part 2)

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CS 20 – Question 2: Why the Ottoman Sultans never made Hajj, and how the facts of this truth in history helps you understand how the fundamentalists of Islam are emulating the earliest Muslims, and how you empower them if you are identify as a Muslim or give authority to the Qur’ān

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CS 21  – Sunni Islam’s primary sources of references using Qur’ān and authentic Sunnah dating back more than 1000 years, used by those best-educated in Islam to justify the future genocide of Jews and the destruction of Israel in this Darussalam book published in 2010.

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CS 22 – How ancient scriptures and the invasive violent history of Islam have overarching authority because these records are timeless and enduring and self-fulfilling, as demonstrated by modern editions published by certain Islamic publication companies and spread in almost every country on this planet.

In the chapter “Victory and Consolidation of Power on Earth”, 24:55 of the Qur’ān opens the chapter and is cited alongside an authentic oral tradition revealing Allah of the Qur’ān told the prophet Muhammad some people from his Ummah will imprison and kill others. 24:55 starts by telling you about how Allah will grant those who believe and do righteous deeds to become rulers.

In this glossy and modern-looking hardcover Darussalam book published in 2010 and still being sold in many Islamic bookstores and online booksellers all over the world in European countries such as France and Germany, USA, and parts of Asia and Africa, 3 pages explain a certain bloodthirsty promise from Allah to the prophet Muhammad. This chapter is titled “Victory and Consolidation of power on Earth”, speaks of how some of the Ummah will kill others and imprison others, and details as prime examples the warmongering efforts of the first 3 rightful caliphs of Sunni Islam subjugating non-Muslims while invading their lands to do so.

This chapter speaks of “a promise from Allah, the Exalted, to his Messenger, peace and blessings be upon him, that he would make his Ummah leaders on the earth and rulers of all the people, and that the affairs of the lands shall be put at right through them, and that their fellow human beings shall be their subjects…”.

There is nothing tolerant in this chapter about Islam, which is all about subjugation and invasion, and how the first 3 rightful caliphs established Islam locally in a non-peaceful manner, before going global. The first three rightful caliphs of Sunni Islam are praised with details, for their invasion and conquering of non-Islamic territory. The people responsible for writing this chapter also still enjoin what Allah and his Messenger promised.       

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CS 23 – Ramadān is the month where according to Islamic history, Muslims wage jihād and win significant battles against the infidels, in their obligation to establish truth and justice all over this world according to Islam, and Allah proves this by granting them victory and establishing a history which is undeniable proof to

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CS 24 – 4:34 of the Qur’ān allows men who believe in Allah of the Qur’ān to beat their wives if necessary. Irrefutable proof is used here. What does an argument over a United Nations Report, a study by professor Nawal H. Ammar, and volume 42 no. 8 of the Muslim World League Journal (published in June 2014) prove how the Qur’ān and Islam promotes inequality of sexes and oppresses women while fundamentally opposing feminism, while also proving 4:34 of the Qur’ān and the historically-unchanged authentic authoritative Sunnah of Sunni Islam interpreted correctly still empowers Muslim men today to beat their wives in a non-gentle manner?

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