Critical Summary 15


Remember that Critical Summary containing a review of Imam an-Nawawī’s “Forty Ḥadīth Nawawī”, whereby Dr Jamal Ahmed Badi’s published Commentary on that important book of fundamentals in Sunni Islam is referenced?

Ḥadīth 6 had this scholar writing that with regards to the scholars in Sunni Islam, they already have the conclusion the vast majority of acts are lawful or unlawful, with only a small number of acts deemed doubtful. Why would he write that, and what examples might reflect the significance of that sentence, about Islam and within Islam?

It is important to highlight what was decided more than 1000 years ago, in Sunni Islam. Have you heard the Arabic term “Al-Room” ie the “Romans”, in the historical binding authoritative doctrines of Sunni Islam? What about “Banu l-‘Asfar”?

The Darussalam book about the signs of the Hour which proves the failure of Sunni Islam more than 1000 years ago is very helpful, with regards to what the scholars of Sunni Islam are certain about, and people have been living the consequences of such decisions for more than 1000 years.

Most of the necessary pictures have not been uploaded here. But the details of a future war involving Constantinople (known as Istanbul today) has been printed for sales worldwide in Islamic bookstores in the Darussalam book about the Major and Minor Signs of The Hour, and the details on pages 192 to 199 are atrocious. Featured with this Critical Summary is a screencap of page 192.

The “Romans” who are “Al-Room” or “Banu l-‘Asfar” are known today as the Europeans and the Americans. This has far-reaching implications, because you need to know what is advocated against non-Muslims known as the Romans ie current Europeans and the Americans in Sunni Islam’s historically-unchanged scholarship binding on all Sunni Muslims, from more than 1000 years ago.

For example, Muslims sufficiently-educated about Sunni Islam’s minor and major signs of the Hour will be doing their best to create a war involving Europeans and/or Americans, to also engulf Constantinople( ie Istanbul, which is part of Turkey), in order for one of the signs of the Hour to be fulfilled. Misinformation is one of the ways to do so.

Ignorant Muslims or Muslims insufficiently educated about Islam will have no idea about all this, and they contribute unwittingly to misinformation by believing and sharing the creations of any Muslims who produce deceptive articles / give others deceptive advice / speak deception.

This is not helped by different foreign powers with their differing ambitions and self-priorities in the Middle East, which has nothing to do with Muslims and Islam.

In the previous Critical Summary, one Darussalam book already proves the invasion of Constantinople (known as Istanbul today) is not peaceful but inspired by Muslims wanting to fulfill the ‘prophecy’ of what the prophet Muhammad said, and the invasion of Constantinople is an instigation by the best Muslim to other Muslims to fulfill their obligations.

If you belong to a country which has not yet been conquered by the civilisation of Sunni Islam and your government has no clue about a war which has been waged against them since the existence of Sunni Islam, do you think you and your government need to know the contents of the remaining signs of the Hour, which need to be fulfilled by Muslims and non-Muslims?

Here is a horrible real-life example of deception from a Muslim well-educated in Islam trying to start a war, which the Russian President Vladmir Putin unintentionally managed to avoid:

On 25th November 2015 in the International Business Times, Tom Porter reported that the former Grand Mufti of Russia, Talgat Tadzhuddin, met with President Vladmir Putin on 4th November and strongly encouraged him to annex Israel, to solve the Palestine problem.

The Russian President laughed, which demonstrates he thought the former Grand Mufti was joking, if the article by Tom Porter is accurate. The former Grand Mufti also encouraged the Russian President to annex Syria and even said, “suppose that Mecca will be Russian, it is the will of Allah to live together in peace, love and harmony” [1].

This former Grand Mufti of Russia’s illustrious career within Sunni islam includes attending Al-Azhar University in Cairo, Egypt. If you understand the historical unchanged scholarship of Sunni Islam binding on all Sunni Muslims from more than 1000 years ago, you would also be aware this former Grand Mufti of Russia definitely knows all the signs of the Hour, and was not joking when he made those suggestions to Vladmir Putin.

Does Russian President Vladmir Putin know he and other Russians are classified as Roman Christians from more than 1000 years ago according to Sunni Islam, and all non-Muslims must be eventually conquered by Muslims, for Islam to triumph, and war against non-Muslims justifies deceit?

Is Vladmir Putin aware of how Russia is being used on the international stage by Muslims of certain countries (not Syria’s Bashar Al-Assad) to gain arms and grow in military strength, but these Muslims will never accept the values and society of any non-Islamic history in countries such as Russia, with a goal to eventually conquer Russia?

How has the membership and policies of the United Nations been affected in terms of what members from Islamic countries have advised members belonging to non-Islamic countries, given the various number of countries constituting the civilisation of Sunni Islam?

The United Nations has slightly over 190 members. The Organisation of Islamic Co-operation (OIC) is the second biggest intergovernmental organisation in the world after the United Nations, and has more than 50 countries as UN members (after Syria’s membership was suspended from the OIC). The majority of the countries in the OIC are ruled by Sunni Islam.

Does it constitute cheating, when one civilisation is represented in the United Nations by more than 50 countries as more than 50 members, instead of just one member? The historically unchanged scholarship of more than 1000 years ago governing the civilisation of Sunni Islam has no interest in being subject to the non-Islamic ideas of a majority of non-Islamic members of the United Nations pertaining to topics such as homosexuality or women’s rights, since Sunni Islam’s scholarship ultimately advocates Islam eventually triumphing over everything non-Islamic.

Does Islam affect foreign policy? Israel-Palestine conflict, Turkish invasion of Cyprus in 1974 and then expelling the Greek Cypriots while exporting Turkish migrants to Cyprus, leading to a gridlock today which the European Union cannot solve- Those are a few of many examples.

Islam definitely has a primary influence on many foreign policy decisions made by countries in the Middle East. If you are a non-Muslim and you do not know all this, and you are responsible for foreign policy decisions, will you be more likely to make wrong decisions or bad decisions?

There are some seriously-inept foreign policy advisors in certain governments today, not helped by fundamental problems of a global situation which cannot be changed any government alone, until Islam is exposed for what it is. The global politics of this world must change and the problems must embark on the pathway of being permanently resolved, if the suffering of more than a billion people is to be ended.

When you look at the 2 pictures below from the Darussalam book by that prominent Saudi Arabian Sheikh about the signs of the Hour, Sign 84 tells you the definitions of the Romans in Sunni Islam, and what these Romans (who are Americans and Europeans) are known for.

Signs 105 to 106 confirms and makes it even clearer, by speaking of “The history between the Muslims and the Roman Christians is filled with events of war and peace, truce and fighting. The relationship between the Muslims and the Romans today is not as stable-”

These 2 signs cover how the Muslims will engage the Romans in a battle involving Constantinople, where it takes place, what is involved, and how the Romans will lose while the Muslims eventually triumph. Whether you are a non-Muslim, ex-Muslim or ‘liberal’ Muslim and whatever your occupation, you can choose not to take this book seriously and view it as a compilation of imaginary nonsense.

If you expect your viewpoint to extrapolate to other Muslims who know better than you, that assumption overlooks the reality of consequences the 2 Darussalam books represent and reveal, about the unchanged historical binding doctrines in Sunni Islam which no Sunni Muslim can deny. The invasion of Constantinople is one of many examples.

How about the Islamic invasion of India and the genocide and slavery of non-Muslims? What about the Armenian genocide? The invasion of Spain- Could you please look up accurate history and the consequences of Sunni Islam’s historically-unchanged scholarship binding on all Sunni Muslims which has been well-hidden, instead of overlooking actual history and mistakenly giving credibility to ignorant Muslims and non-Muslims cherry-picking their personal interpretations about Islam, while wrongly mistaking Islam as a religion and not a civilisation?

There will be at least 2 more examples using the Darussalam books, which will help you understand why many Muslims from certain regions who have migrated to European countries and North America do not integrate, while using their ignorant Muslim counterparts.