Critical Summary 5


Why should harrowing stories from Ex-Muslims be heard, especially when Ex-Muslims should be acknowledged as political refugees escaping the most dangerous civilization in human history?

Before realising Islam is a Deen governing a civilization in the Critical Summary answering 1 of the 3 important questions about the topic of Islam, this write-up must first address the meaning of the words “Islam” and “Deen/Dīn”, and why the Arabic word “Deen/Dīn” cannot be translated as “religion”. Linguistics is important. A variety of accomplished Muslim scholars and imams in Sunni Islam fluent in Arabic will provide the answers in fluent English, since they have clearly practised this without the global public knowing, through various examples compiled here.

More than 1000 years ago, the 5 pillars and 6 articles of faith in Sunni Islam existed. More than 1000 years ago, the signs pertaining to the Hour had been given, and the Hour began when the prophet Muhammad had been sent. More than 1000 years ago, Allah and the angel Jibreel did not correct any of the earliest Muslims, including the prophet Muhammad, when they made horribly basic errors in basic science, and proved the Qur’ān and Sunnah fundamentally wrong and not-divine. Sunni Islam defined itself as a civilisation and not a religion more than 1000 years ago due to the significance of the Hijrah, and the “Deen/Dīn” governing Islam in Sunni Islam was not understood as “religion” by the earliest Muslims, hence “Deen/Dīn” cannot be translated as “religion”. This is basic knowledge you should possess, if you claim to be a Sunni Muslim. If you do not know all this, and you had or have teachers in Sunni Islam, question them.

This Critical Summary covers crucial definitions of Deen/Dīn, to help you understand “Ummah” ie the nation of the prophet Muhammad, which is the civilisation of Islam and already well-defined in criteria and definitions more than 1000 years ago.

Why is Islam a Dīn and not a religion, in Sunni Islam’s historically-unchanged scholarship from more than 1000 years ago, as binding as Sunni Islam having 5 pillars and 6 articles of faith, and all the earliest Muslims failing basic science to believe in the sun rising over a flat planet to help create day and night?

Two paragraphs are necessary, for people who know nothing about Islam. Islam is officially classified by governments worldwide as one of the five biggest religions in the world, alongside Christianity, Catholicism, Buddhism and Hinduism. Islam is at least 1438 years old. Sunni Islam is known to many people as one of several divisions within Islam, and its believers constitute at least 80% of all Muslims worldwide, whereby Sunni Muslims officially number at least 1.5 billion people and eclipse Muslims from other divisions. The book many Muslims deem as primary and holy is the Qur’ān, and the god they worship is Allah of the Qur’ān. All divisions of Islam have different ways of interpreting the Qur’ān, and the biggest group is known as orthodox Islam. However, governments in many countries do not realise Sunni Islam is a Deen governing a civilisation and not a religion, while terrorists such as Al-Qaeda are merely emulating the first generation of Muslims according to a certain scholarship.

To know this, you would have to be able to identify and understand the fixed structure and fundamental principles of the hidden historical scholarship binding on all Sunni Muslims from more than 1000 years ago, carefully guarded in global unity by a minority of Sunni Muslims and very selectively dispensed to the majority of Sunni Muslims depending on their location, circumstances and intentions, leading to fixed unity between Sunni Muslims doing prayers in a mosque alongside widely-different interpretations of what constitutes Sunni Islam by Sunni Muslims within a country, every day. Many Muslims and non-Muslims are ignorant about 2 Critical Facts.

“Deen” is the Arabic word written and pronounced in the Qur’ān in various forms, not “religion” which you see in various languages for translations of the Qur’ān and the Sunnah.

“Deen/Dīn” of Islam cannot be translated as “religion”, because Islam is not a religion due to the Hijrah and the definitions of “Deen/Dīn” with regards to Al-Islam. The Deen of Al-Islam is comprehensive and complete, unlike all other deens.

The Ummah of the prophet Muhammad is a timelessly superior socio-political entity defined as a civilisation of fixed criteria led by a final messenger and chosen by a divine being, requiring its citizens to submit and obey leaders of the nation responsible for interpreting the total governance of a Deen/Dīn perfected and completed by said divine being demanding complete obedience and submission in worship.

The Deen of Islam, unlike other deens, is comprehensive and complete, unique, and ultimately binding on all humanity, according to the well-preserved scholarship of Sunni Islam explaining the Qur’ān. Judaism is a deen. Feminism is a deen. “Deen” is used correctly in these examples. Caution using accurate context during translation from one language to another is important, and not understanding the need to grasp certain linguistics correctly before researching this topic only leads to misinformation. This is where many non-Muslims and ex-Muslims make a significant mistake, in their attempts to accurately criticise Islam, especially Sunni Islam. 

Below are 5 fundamentally-related quotes to help you understand.

1) “Islam is not a religion the way we usually understand religion, because religion entails a system of belief, some structured organised rituals. If this is what you think Islam is, if this is what you think deen is, that is not deen. That is a religion. Islam is not a religion. It’s a deen.”- Imam Na’eem Abdullah, USA-born-and-convert imam of Masjid al-Mu’min in Pittsburgh, USA

2) “The Holy Quran describes Islam as Deen Al-Haq, or the true way of life. The very connotation of the word “Deen” – as contrasted with religion – is a declaration of war against secularism. This is because the word religion is commonly used in a rather narrow sense, its scope being limited to a set of dogmas, some rituals for worship, and a number of social customs to celebrate important life events.” – deceased Pakistani scholar Dr Israr Ahmad.

3) “After understanding this definition of the Arabic word deen, we realize that it is wrong to translate it to the English with the word ‘religion’.” – Imam Baianonie, Syrian imam of the masjid in Raleigh, USA

4) “There is no doubt whatsoever that the migration of Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) to Madinah was the crucial event, which established the Islamic civilization. This was a civilization that thrived for many centuries.” – Dr Ibrahim Bijli Syed, President of Islamic Research Foundation International Inc based in Kentucky, USA.

5) “The nation in Islam is the entity that gives way to political, economic and social systems under the pretext of Islam as a doctrine and law. This whole pretext is adopted by the nation that believes in a holistic approach of life without any dichotomy between this life and the hereafter. At the end this generates for the nation a full thrust and momentum to vigorously pursue the implementation of its system till it is embodied on the land of reality.” – “The Ummah” by Dār al-Iftā’ al-Miṣriyyah of Egypt, formerly a division of the Egyptian Ministry of Justice, a Cairo-based pioneer of fatwas, a pillar of the Islamic foundations in Egypt which include Al-Azhar Al-Sharif and Al-Azhar University.

In Sunni Islam, “Ummah” is a slightly more important word than “Deen/Dīn”, whereby the Ummah is not translated into English in certain Darussalam books, but “Deen/Dīn” of Al-Islam can be misleadingly translated. You will understand why, if you understand the principles of the most important oral tradition in Sunni Islam guiding the intentions of the best guardians and leaders of the nation of Islam, which many Muslims depend upon. The best guardians of Islam possessing the hand of Allah to rule this civilization are the scholars and imams.

Why is it important to realise how and why the nation of Islam defines itself primarily as a timeless superior civilization intending to conquer everything non-Islamic and cannot integrate, and does not define itself as a religion? Sunni Islam’s historically-unchanged authoritative scholarship from more than 1000 years ago is a system using words according to its own definitions and criteria, and officially rejects the authority of any non-Islamic attempts to do so.

Therefore, it is imperative to make the correct accurate comparisons and analysis, to correctly classify and identify the criteria and key words defining Islam from its own authoritative sources, before adapting non-Islamic stances and sources used by non-Muslims such as Oxford dictionary, etc. Being able to accurately identify necessary parallels and criteria to make the necessary connections is a fundamental basis of reliable philosophy, science and journalism.

Before realising the definition of “Ummah”, accurately identify “Deen/Dīn” of Al-Islam. You may hear certain claims, such as how “civilisation” and “religion” were more loosely defined many years ago in that era, Islam comprises several civilizations, etc. You may have heard how Islam is not just a religion but encompassed within a deen, or you have been told Islam is a religion. Are you aware of Sunni Muslims stating Islam is not a religion because Islam is a Deen, and do you know what they privately teach their Muslim congregations while living in countries not ruled by Islam?

Many guardians of Islam based in the USA, Pakistan and other countries are privately united. Sunni Islam’s historically-unchanged scholarship from more than 1000 years ago about the deen of Al-Islam governing the Ummah was never lost.

This civilization is truly globalisation in action, importing its foundations into many countries and keeping the authorities of many countries unaware about Sunni Islam not being a religion, for more than 1000 years.

5:3 of the Qur’ān is an important verse. Any translations of the Qur’ān or Sunnah by Muslims replacing “deen” with “religion” is misleading. Not all Muslims are fluent in Arabic or understand Arabic, and a significant number of these Muslims exist. Accusing all Muslims of intentional deceit is untrue and inaccurate. Stating many Sunni Muslims have been deceived by a small group of Sunni Muslims is much more accurate.

For an example of a truthful translation, in the first page of the preface of his book “Moon Sighting, Salat ul Taraweeh, and Witr” printed in the USA, Qazi Fazl Ullah has translated 5:3 of the Qur’ān correctly and truthfully [1]. Another article on is quoted below, to demonstrate the same translation for verse 3 in Sūrat Al-Ma’idah.

“This day, I have perfected your Deen for you, completed My Favor upon you, and have chosen for you Islam as your Deen.” [2] helpfully summarises why the Dīn/Deen of Islam is complete, and why you must know this. If you are a Muslim or believe in the Qur’ān having authority, the correct understanding of this āyāt acknowledges Allah of the Qur’ān has perfected a system of a compulsorily-binding complete way of life for you, completed His divine Favour upon you, and has chosen for you complete submission and complete obedience to Allah of the Qur’ān choosing the Deen of Islamic monotheism as your binding complete way of life.

If you claim to be a Muslim and have a teacher who advises you on the Qur’ān and Islam, did they teach you this simple fundamental truth in the beginning, for your understanding of Islam? This important verse was given in Yathrib when the Ummah of Islam was larger and more established and not secretive as it was in Mecca, prior to the planned Hijrah of the prophet Muhammad. Its significance is timelessly binding.

If your teacher did not teach you this, what are the intentions of your teacher? Where are you located?

The intentions of teachers are important. Their intentions, knowledge, and lack of knowledge will control what they choose to teach you. If you have or had a teacher of Sunni Islam to guide you about Islam, did they teach you about the timelessly superior and uncompromising civilization of Islam created, due to the intentional migration of the prophet Muhammad from Mecca to Yathrib, known as the Hijrah? Did you learn about his intentional migration and intentional conquering of Yathrib? Did you learn the significance of the Hijrah, responsible for the birth of this civilization more than 1000 years ago?

What would you call an entity defining itself as superior to all countries and religions which existed before it and come after it, defines itself as a complete socio-political entity based on doctrines and belief, able to incorporate anything non-Islamic in accordance with its interpreted laws without vagueness and without losing its self-defined systems, has a complete monetary system, a complete education system, a complete collection of acceptable lawful literature where others are deemed unlawful, a complete system of worship, a complete system controlling preparation and consumption of food, a complete system of societal values, a complete system of law to govern society, a complete deen to dictate all areas of life as a collective and also the minutiae in the life of an individual citizen known as a Muslim, a refusal to accept or integrate with the fundamental societal values of a non-Islamic society, a never-ending obligation to conquer all countries and subjugate them to Islam, until Islam rules the world- Which religion has such over-arching systems? Once they are listed clearly for you in this paragraph, do you think the above criteria makes Islam sound like a civilisation or religion?

An article hosted at an online political journal known as aims to explain why the Caliphate is necessary. In the section titled “Islam is a deen, not a religion”, the writer claims Islam is considered a religion because of myths by Orientalists. What is an Orientalist? Dār al-Iftā’ al-Miṣriyyah is an organisation with answers you require, as a significant institution in Egypt within the civilization of Sunni Islam. The “Orientalist” is well-defined in an article in its website [3]. One section must be quoted:

[ Orientalism is the science of the Middle East or the knowledge of the Eastern world. The word “Orientalist” in the general sense applies on every western scientist studying about the Orient or the East (far, middle or near), its languages, its civilization, its literature and its religions. Right now we are not speaking about this broad concept and we do not intend to delve into researching the geographic or cultural changes that occurred on the concept “East” throughout the various ages. All we care about here is the specific concept of Orientalism which means the western studies connected to the Islamic Orient with its languages, arts, culture, history, doctrines, legislations or to cut it short; its civilization.]

The civilization of the Islamic Orient is singular, not plural, therefore not referring to various Islamic civilizations or empires in one geographical region, but only one civilization. Do the Western studies produced by Westerners know this? Do Westerners know Sunni Islam is a civilization of specific criteria from more than 1000 years ago having declared war against everything non-Islamic for ultimate subjugation, with imams and scholars ordained as leaders in its binding scholarship to overthrow non-Islamic governments and conquer their citizens for the sake of the Islamic civilization, through justifiable actions according to Sunni Islam’s historically-unchanged scholarship binding on all Sunni Muslims from more than 1000 years ago?

Nobody forces Muslims online and offline to translate “Deen/Dīn” as “religion”. Muslims are responsible for translating Arabic books in Islam for Muslims and non-Muslims not fluent in Arabic, such as the doctrines of the authentic Sunnah and the Qur’ān.

Nobody forces Muslim teachers to teach ignorant Muslims about Sunni Islam being a religion in countries not ruled by Islam, but Muslims are allowed to intentionally deceive other Muslims for the sake of Al-Islam, and some Muslims who don’t know unintentionally create wrongly-misleading articles about Islam as a religion, hence it is easy to find articles online and offline mixing truth with errors and/or lies. Knowing how to navigate is critical. Quoting from the newcivilisation article [4]:

[ “Islam is a deen, not religion”

The most successful Orientalists myth that Muslim minds have been subjected to is the claim that Islam is a religion. Had Islam been a ‘religion’ in the Western sense – a classification which is defined by a set of metaphysical abstractions, doctrines and a set of rituals – then the absence of a Khilafah would not be a problem. However, Islam is a Deen; a way of life. Allah ‘azza wa Jal proudly tells us that there is no deen according to Him ‘azza wa Jal except the deen of Islam. As such the Shariah, which embodies the command of Allah, and which is derived from revelation, penetrates all facets and domains of life; the individual, social, political and economic. Contrary to secular philosophies or secular political theory, the will of the Creator cannot be marginalized to being an insignificant component of life. This is easily understood when one discovers that seventy percent of the Islamic legislation, rulings and jurisprudence which Muslims are obligated to live by cannot be practiced without a political system. This applies not only to the punishment system, but appropriate distribution of wealth, the legal and political spheres, social interactions and all other aspects of individual and collective human existence. ]

There are plenty of web pages demonstrating how Muslims speak of Islam being a deen and not a religion, or mention Islam being Deen which includes aspects of a religion. Below are a few examples:

The takeaway statement about the Deen of Islam is how comprehensive and complete it is, unlike any religion in existence or extinction. Where do these Muslims get their claims and beliefs? Is there a precise fundamental definition for the deen of Islam, according to Sunni Islam? What would scholars of Islamic law or imams say, since they are the best guardians of this well-preserved scholarship?

On 27 December 1996, the various linguistic contexts and definition of the Arabic word “Deen/Dīn” was explained by Imam Mohammed Baianonie, in a wonderfully-succinct Friday sermon at the Raleigh mosque situated in North Carolina, USA. Other than acknowledging the Islamic Association of Raleigh claiming international intellectual property copyrights covering his speech and its contents, the contents of his speech should be global knowledge, especially for all governments alongside their law enforcement agencies. Why is this not the case?

[ The word deen and the word Islam were mentioned in these verses and in many others in the Qur’an. These two words are two of the most important words in the life of the Muslims, because the guidance, success in this life and in the Hereafter depends on two things: Understanding the meaning of these two words (deen and Islam), and applying this meaning in life.

Our understanding for these two words got weak because of our weakness in the Arabic language with which Qur’an was revealed. As a result, we repeat these two words (deen and Islam) with the tongues without understanding them except for a few people who could understand them as they should be understood. So, it is impossible to apply their meanings in our lives, despite our insistence on belonging to the deen and specifically to Islam.

To answer this question, it is a must that we refer to the Arabic language dictionaries which still keep the meaning of how the Arabs used to understand the word deen and the word Islam when Qur’an was being revealed. In that period of time, there was no problem with understanding these two words by the Arabs from whom the companions of the prophet Muhammad (S.A.W.) came. That generation that transformed the understanding for these two words into reality in their individual and collective lives. As a result, this understanding led them to the guidance, the guidance of Islam. This change was the greatest change in the long history of mankind…..

These four linguistic meanings constitute the concept of the word deen in the Qur’an where it implies a comprehensive system of life that is composed of four parts:

1) The rulership and the authority belong to Allah (S.W.T.).
2) The obedience and submission to this rulership and authority by those who embraced this deen.
3) The comprehensive system (intellectual and practical) established by this authority (Allah).
4) The reward given by this authority (Allah) to those that followed the system and submitted to it and the punishment inflicted upon those who rebel against it and disobey it.]

“Based on this definition of deen, we can summarize that deen is a submission, following and worship by man for the creator, the ruler, the subjugator in a comprehensive system of life with all its belief, intellectual, moral and practical aspects.” [5]

Critical context: You cannot use any Arabic dictionary, to understand Deen of Islam. You must use those Arabic dictionaries revealing how the earliest Muslims understood this word. How many Ex-Muslims, non-Muslims and Muslims know this, instead of mislabelling Islam as a religion?

After explaining why “Deen/Dīn” cannot be translated as “religion”, he deceives his Muslim congregation, attributing wrong translations and conspiracies to non-Muslims.

Did you know inventing good information to keep Muslims together is not lying, according to the authentic Sunnah of Sunni Islam? Would his followers still be Muslims, if he had taught them fundamental Sunnah about the obviously non-divine failure involving the earliest Muslims believing in the sun rising over a flat earth in the Qur’ān and authentic Sunnah of Sunni Islam, more than 1000 years ago?

[ After understanding this definition of the Arabic word deen, we realize that it is wrong to translate it to the English with the word “religion”. Furthermore we do not need anyone to come up with a definition for the word deen for us- like many of the enemies of Islam do today- But, we should take precaution and warn Muslims against these conspiracies that are plotted against Muslims to keep them away from the reality of their deen and distort the concept of deen or restrict it to one aspect of life-like they (None Muslim) did with there religion and church after the French Revolution. ]

Imam Baianonie’s favourite books are “Forty Ḥadīth Nawawī” and “Forty Ḥadīth Qudsi” according to his Facebook page. According to the Islamic Center of Raleigh website, under the page “Imam’s Corner”: “His long-term goal is to establish a complete Imam training school in Raleigh.”

Back in Syris as an imam before migrating to the USA, where did he get his knowledge? Is his definition of “Deen” an isolated incident or deviancy from Sunni Islam?

Other than this Syrian-born imam from Aleppo intentionally choosing to migrate to the USA to spread the historically-unchanged scholarship of Sunni Islam [6] and cement the foundations of this civilization classifying him as a leader of the nation of Al-Islam, his teachings align globally with other imams such as an American-born imam in the USA, and a deceased imam from Pakistan.

On 24 July 2015, Imam Na’eem Abdullah of Nur uz-Zamaan Radio and Half Your Deen show gave his usual Jumu’ah Khutbah (Friday sermon) at the Masjid al-Mu’min of Pittsburgh. He repeatedly stated Islam is a deen and not a religion, explaining why. This khutbah with the title “Islam is a DEEN and NOT A RELIGION!” [7] was uploaded on 25 July 2015 by the Masjid al-Mu’min of Pittsburgh on their Youtube channel, and by another Youtube user named “Religion(Myths)” [8]. That Youtube user is a fervent subscriber to certain Islamic channels, with specific compiled playlists.

Before unveiling riveting details of Imam Na’eem Abdullah’s “Islam is a DEEN and NOT A RELIGION!” Friday khutbah, there is one detail to highlight about the uploader of this video. On other playlists created by this uploader, see the heading “2(I) Jihad” containing 10 videos, including speeches by Zakir Naik and Dr Israr Ahmed.

Who is Dr Israr Ahmed, other than someone whom Zakir Naik considers as his teacher (according to The late imam Dr Israr Ahmed/Ahmad was born in India, but his family moved to Pakistan when he was young. He also goes by the name of Dr Ahmad Afzal in certain written works. His impressive biography and works is summarised here [9].

In the list of Dr Israr Ahmed’s works in English, there is one piece titled “Islam; Deen, Not Religion by Dr. Ahmad Afzal [105]”. The document at the source no longer exists, but is still available at 2 other URLs online [10][11].

There are other sources confirming Islam is a deen and not a religion according to Dr Israr Ahmad, as seen at[12] and linkedin [13]. One Facebook post [14] titled “Islam is Deen not a religion” with 39 likes at the Facebook page of the deceased Dr Israr Ahmad is maintained by Tanzeem-e-Islami Pakistan, an organisation which seeks to re-establish the Caliphate. This page has almost one million followers.

The English document by Dr Israr Ahmad also clarifies certain concepts in a similar manner to Imam Baianonie about why Islam is not a religion, but a complete way of life known as “Deen/Dīn”. This document has many quotable lines, such as:

[ The Holy Quran describes Islam as Deen Al-Haq, or the true way of life. The very connotation of the word “Deen” – as contrasted with religion – is a declaration of war against secularism. This is because the word religion is commonly used in a rather narrow sense, its scope being limited to a set of dogmas, some rituals for worship, and a number of social customs to celebrate important life events.

To establish the Islamic state is not a one man’s job. It requires a collective effort and this effort in Quranic terms is known as Jihad-fi-sabeelillah and without jihad-fi-sabeelillah there is no salvation from painful doom as stated in verse (61:10-11)]

There is no space here to reveal this beautifully succinct 8-page document, complete with diagrams. Please peruse the links below, to understand why Islam is meant to be implemented for total domination over all domains of life, man-made systems and ideologies, such as human society, culture, law, economics, politics. The exact Arabic term for Muslims to establish the “Islamic State” through enabling and waging the relevant jihād is “jihād fī sabīli’llāh”, known as “jihād in the cause of Allah”.

This document matches certain fundamental concepts and criteria of the Islamic civilization, in an article available from Dār al-Iftā’ al-Miṣriyyah of Egypt titled “The Ummah”. That article explains how Islam defines itself as a timelessly superior socio-political civilization of complete self-defined systems, and the ability to absorb anything non-Islamic to modify according to Islamic law, without losing its systems of definition and self-identity.

Unlike other civilizations and nations, the prophet Muhammad was called to all mankind in the Qur’ān, and Islam is the only nation prostrating to Allah, hence Al-Islam is required to dominate globally, and the Islamic civilization becomes the vehicle for the Qur’ān to be embodied, enabling Allah’s divine laws to become reality. The leaders of this nation are the imams. The Muslim scholars are responsible for the means and methods whereby the systems and institutions of this civilization are activated and achieved in all legal, social, political and economic fields.

Deobandi, Wahhabism and Salafism are terms obfuscating the well-preserved binding scholarship of Sunni Islam obligatory on all Sunni Muslims, from more than 1000 years ago.

If you wish to disagree on the existence of such a scholarship, see the Critical Summary about the irrefutable proof of Sunni Islam’s non-divine failure involves the major sign of the sun literally rising from the West in the Hour being an obligatory belief on all Sunni Muslims, proving the basic science failure of all the early Muslims including the prophet Muhammad and Allah of the Qur’ān and all holy doctrines of Islam from more than 1000 years ago, hidden from many Muslims and non-Muslims globally.

If you identify as a Sunni Muslim but are not fluent in Arabic, not located in the Middle East, and if you have a teacher of Islam from the Middle East: How dependent are you on these teachers, in your attempts to understand Islam correctly? How do you accurately ascertain your teachers are teaching you the truth about Islam you need to know, as opposed to an Islam they want you to believe?

Regarding Islamic terrorists destroying the Middle East or have caused numerous attacks in various European countries, what languages and sources are they using, for Sunni Islam?

“Islam”, “Ummah” and “Deen/Dīn” are Arabic words foundational to Islam. Nobody is forcing various Islamic organisations and editors to translate the Arabic “Deen/Dīn” in the Qur’ān into the word “religion”, whenever that book is translated into any language for less-knowledgeable Muslims and non-Muslims to read a book widely printed and distributed today by Muslims.

Muslim editors and translators should not translate that word and certain other words, and explain why in the appendices, but doing so undermines and destroys the efforts and goals of the best guardians of Islam migrating to lands not ruled by Islam, to mislead and deceive Muslims and non-Muslims into believing Islam is a religion while claiming benefits in non-Islamic countries Islam would not obtain, if Islam was publicly unveiled to have defined itself as a timelessly superior civilization aiming to conquer all non-Muslims from more than 1000 years ago in Sunni Islam.

The sooner this entire truth with necessary details are revealed, the sooner people would understand why undiluted Islam cannot integrate anywhere. Islam would be denounced and officially classified and treated as an enemy to be irreversibly destroyed, according to all countries not ruled by Islam.

What would such a global revelation of fundamental truth do to the mosques, madrasahs, many Islamic bookstores selling only Islamic books, and all other systems of Islam such as halal certification and separate courts in non-Islamic countries for ruling on issues such as Islamic inheritance and marriage? What would this do to world global politics today, such as finally enabling a chance of true peace to begin in the Middle East?

From Raleigh in North Carolina, to Pakistan, it is only fair to bestow fame upon a certain American-born imam in Pittsburgh teaching how and why Islam is a Deen and not a religion.

Imam Na’eem Abdullah converted to Islam in jail while his parents remain non-Muslims, and he is fluent in Arabic and English. He speaks of Allah commanding people to hasten to Allah on this day of Ju’muah, while stating this is really not an option. After explaining why, he quotes 3:19 of the Qur’an (“Verily, the deen with Allah is Al-Islam”) and states the only deen which will be accepted by Allah is Al-Islam. He tells his audience we have to recognise Al-Islam or “deen” literally means “way of life”.

“Islam is not a religion the way we usually understand religion, because religion entails a system of belief, some structured organised rituals. If this is what you think Islam is, if this is what you think deen is, that is not deen. That is a religion. Islam is not a religion. It’s a deen.”

He obviously wants his audience to understand Islam is not a religion but a deen, a way of life, which covers, which encompasses every aspect of life. He says, “I can’t stress that enough, but you have to understand this, and I know most of us don’t understand it because of the way we act. Most of us believe that when we use the bathroom, when we go to the toilet, that we can do however wherever we please in the toilet. That’s personal. What does that have to do with religion? It has everything to do with the deen. May not be religion the way we understand it, but Islam is not a religion!”

Imam Na’eem Abdullah stresses the example of going to the toilet as an example of the difference between religion and deen. He says the prophets of Islam gave men guidelines on how to use the bathroom. Men when using the bathroom are supposed to sit, regardless of urinating or defecating, based upon instructions of the prophets of Allah. “If Islam was a religion, it would have nothing to do with the way we use the bathroom. It is not religious. It has nothing to do with prayer. It has nothing to do with charity. It has nothing to do with our belief in God because that is a religion, so I can use the bathroom any which way I want to but again, Islam is not a religion. It’s a deen. It covers our entire way of life, every aspect of the way we live, so we have guidelines on how to use the bathroom.”

There is a pause, and then he goes on to mention eating, according to Islam. “We have guidelines on how to eat, when to eat, how much to eat, how little to eat. If Islam was a religion, nobody could tell us what and how we are to eat, because it has nothing to do with religion. But again, Islam is not a religion. It’s a deen, it covers our entire way of life, every aspect of your existence. There’s guidelines. It’s called “Hudud”. “Hudud” is like “boundary”, just like when you’re driving down the street. We call it “lanes”. And you have solid lines, and you have broken lines.”

He finishes this parable describing Islam as a driving lane with room, whereby you can do what you like within the lane, but stay in the lane and do not cross the line on either side of you! He also makes hudud sound so harmless and helpful akin to guidelines, instead of the unjust and horrible system it represents.

Which part of “Islam is not a religion but a deen, a way of life, which covers, which encompasses every aspect of life” sounds fundamentally or ultimately willing to accept or tolerate or change for anything un-Islamic, regardless of where a Sunni Muslim lives? Is the USA ruled by Islam? Why is this imam teaching this topic? In less than 8 minutes, he has plainly stated and repeated himself, conveying 4 times in fluent English about “Islam is not a religion”, and explaining why. The sources Imam Na’eem Abdullah uses for his lesson obviously does not originate in English or other languages, but Arabic. However, fluency in Arabic does not guarantee your ability to search or identify accurate information. How many ex-Muslims and Muslims know Islam is not a religion, and why?

Why is this topic not public knowledge outside mosques, and global knowledge? Why is his audience quiet about this, to other people? Where did this imam get his knowledge? I am certain Imam Na’eem Abdullah knows his audience does not understand how to study the civilisation of Islam, because they are still Sunni Muslims.

He is obviously not teaching any Muslims the irrefutable truth about the fundamental failure of Sunni Islam’s historically-unchanged binding scholarship governing all Sunni Muslims from more than 1000 years ago, proving the failure of the Qur’ān and authentic Sunnah due to the obligatory belief on all Sunni Muslims about the sun literally rising from its place of setting in the West before the Hour. He is still perpetuating Sunni Islam today, and getting paid for it by his congregation.

At this point, how many mosques in the USA have taught Muslims about their deen governing the civilisation of Islam? There are American Muslims who sincerely believe Islam is only a religion. All teachers in Sunni Islam at all mosques in the USA are not teaching Muslims about the obvious irrefutable failure of Sunni Islam and the Qur’ān, otherwise all mosques would have closed down and Islam would have ceased to exist in the USA. But what about other Muslims identifying as belonging to other divisions of Islam, including self-taught Muslims who refuse to identify with any divisions of Islam but Islam as Qur’ān-only?

Those Muslims merely need to explain why the Allah of the Qur’ān failed to reveal the fundamental failure of Sunni Islam and the Qur’ān and Sunni Islam ultimately and fundamentally identifying itself as a divine civilisation, because Sunni Islam’s third rightful caliph is ultimately responsible for the Qur’ān used today by all believers. Their mosques would also have closed down, because of Allah’s utter failure and the Qur’ān’s obviously non-divine mistakes for more than 1000 years which the majority of its believers did not know about, as well as the fundamental significance of a mosque coming into existence as one of many Islamic institutions signifying the foundation of the civilisation of Islam, with the purpose of erasing non-Islamic sins and instituting eternal Islamic truth and justice after the prophet Muhammad intentionally migrated to Yathrib and conquered that place, known as Medina today.

Since Islam is not a religion, but a deen, and Islam is represented through the Ummah governed by a deen perfected and chosen with complete favour by Allah of the Qur’ān, do you think you need to understand why the Ummah in its entire context of self-defining irrefutable binding criteria according to Sunni Islam’s historically-unchanged authoritative scholarship is not a religion from more than 1000 years ago, but ultimately defines itself as a timeless superior civilisation requiring a caliphate to implement the most-advanced systems of governance in all areas of life destined to conquer this world, subjugate all non-Sunni Muslims, and all this is as self-fulfilling as a Muslim Caliph who was told by a certain Muslim what the prophet Muhummad narrated (and revealed in one of 2 Darussalam books exposed on this thinktank), so he led armies of Muslims to attack and invade Constantinople, which is known as Istanbul today [15]?

As one of many examples, President Duterte of the Philippines should not give Muslim separatists any part of the Philippines, because it will be a wrong move of concession to the timelessly unchanged CIVILISATION of Islam which he has been wrongly misled to believe as a religion.

As another example of vital history which Spaniards need to note, the Iberian Peninsula was conquered by Islam, and part of that geography includes modern Spain, invaded more than 1200 years ago by Islam in 711 CE. The best guardians of Sunni Islam consider previously-conquered territory such as Spain (al-Andalus) to be part of Muslim lands. What effect might their teachings have on those Muslims and non-Muslims they influence, with regards to people trying to understand the independence issue of Catalonia?

After mentioning sexual intercourse as another example of boundaries with guidelines, Imam Na’eem Abdullah goes on to the Wahy of Islam, pertaining to the divine revelation by chosen individuals of Allah of the Qur’ān.

“In the Wahy of Al-Islam, our complete way of life, we have a way that we govern ourselves. We have a way in which we organise and we come together. It’s called Jama’at, communities. We come together as communities.”

He says every aspect of life is covered, which is why it is called deen. In less than 10 minutes of this imam’s lesson to his audience, which part of the deen governing the civilisation of Sunni Islam sounds willing to change, compromise and accept anything which is not Islamic within their guidelines? At the 10:50 mark, this imam makes it clear that you can only be a Muslim or a feminist.

“Some of us may think that I’m Muslim, but I also believe in feminism. No, one or the other. Feminism is a deen. It has its own belief system. As we’ve said before, the homosexual or LGBT or whatever they want to call themselves nowadays, that is a deen, it’s a way of life. They have their own belief system. We talked about this very recently. They have their own beliefs about God. For example, they believe God can make mistakes. That is the motivation behind the whole transgender movement. They believe that gender is relative to how they think and how they feel. If a person was born with male genitalia and in their mind, they feel like they are female, they say God made a mistake. I’m really a woman, he just got my gender wrong.

That’s their belief. They articulate this quite clearly. So that has a belief system. Democracy is a belief system. We can go on and on and on. Islam has its own belief system. You can’t fit Islam inside of all of that limited stuff. There may be some aspects of those things that we mention and those things that we did not mention which may be consistent with Islam. Some aspects of it, but not the whole of it. The most important thing is that the only thing that will be accepted to Allah (swt). You may accept what you want, but the only thing that is going to be acceptable to Allah (swt) is Al-Islam. In the Wahy, Al-Islam. The deen with “Subḥānahu wa ta’alā” is Al-Islam.”

After this emphasis of the only acceptable deen as Al-Islam, he finishes this segment with the appropriate verbal supplication to Allah of the Qur’ān, then has a short rest.

If you identify as transgender and/or a feminist or claim to have a religion such as Catholicism or reject all religions, and you wish to claim this imam is wrong because you have no religious beliefs, he is using accurate context in Islam about Islam being chosen by a divine being who is perfect and makes no mistakes, you might know nothing about the binding scholarship of Sunni Islam, your existence signifies you are saying his Allah and Al-Islam is wrong, non-Islamic science means nothing to the deen of Al-Islam even if applicable, and you should not assume your views have validity or significance according to the deen of Al-Islam.

Nobody truly solves problems or sees the world clearly and accurately, by only focusing on solipsistic and/or unverified beliefs and opinions, refusing to realise how others make their opinions and why. If you identify as homosexual or transgender or a feminist, have you ever defended Islam and if so, what is the extent of accuracy in your opinions?

The imam resumes his lesson, using a more informal tone and certain verbal manner of endearing himself to what appears to be a black American Muslim audience, by telling a story about himself previously in the swimming pool. This story is used as an analogy relevant to all Muslims, because he also mentions many Muslims only having their feet in the pool where Islam is concerned, but their bodies are not, and hence they are all sweaty so if they want to completely enjoy Islam, they need to completely get into the pool.

At 18:33, he makes an important point, after mentioning part of a conversation he once had with someone else. “There is no such thing as a half-Muslim. Either you do it all the way, or don’t do nothing at all.” This follows with a mention of meeting many Muslims who do it halfway, and “they always come from the back door, so they can leave Islam, and I’m not talking about Muslims that commit sins. We all commit sins at some point.” He explains these people as consciously thinking they have an option with the deen of Islam, committing rebellion.

A certain oral tradition of questionable authenticity from the Sunnah is recited, which he uses to lambast Muslims claiming to be Muslims but are not Muslims because their identity and their actual behaviour is like night and day. They don’t eat like Muslims, they don’t dress like Muslims, they don’t think like Muslims, they don’t talk like Muslims, they don’t act like Muslims. He claims Muslims have become so easy to fool.

He tells his audience the stronger your iman (faith), the harder it is to fool you. At 22:40, this imam wants to make a particular point. He says a significant chunk of Muslims voted for George Bush and after the election, “he instituted policies against the Muslim, the Muslim world, domestically and internationally, and the Muslims regretted it.” Right after him, a large chunk of Muslims voted for President Obama, which this imam mentions while also mentioning the bombing of Muslim brothers from drones sent by President Obama, and adds a little more detail inferring to Muslims probably and mistakenly voting for President Obama because he has Hussein in his name and thought “akh” (“اَخِيْ” is “my brother” in Arabic to signify a fellow male believer in Islam), before saying, “Do you obviously think anyone I can find in that office is going to do anything other than what they have been doing? Why is it so easy to fool you?”

At 26:00, he mentions history regarding the Mongols and the Tartars. He says the Mongols “ransacked half the Muslim world”. He also says one could come and kill hundreds of Muslims, and invade Muslim lands- This is the second time he is mentioning “Muslim World”, which sounds unchanging. The geographical boundaries and make-up of “Muslim lands” in the 13th century, and in George Bush Jnr’s time as President of the United States are different, so what does he mean by “Muslim world”? He also says the earliest Muslims were not like that.

To illustrate the difference between the earliest Muslims and Muslims now, he quotes 13:11 of the Qur’ān ie Allah will not change the condition of a people until they change what is within themselves. The primary meaning and revelation behind this verse is explained, regarding the earliest Muslims which are the Companions of the prophet Muhammad possessing the treasures of this dunya and the hereafter at their feet while allowing them to remain as rulers in charge and obtain whatever they want, for as long as they are grateful for Islam. His audience is informed it will remain that way until Muslims are ungrateful for what they have and were given by Allah, which is turning away from Al-Islam. Allah will not help until Muslims change it first. Does this sound self-fulfilling to you?

He quotes another oral tradition, specifically stating that the prophet Muhamad narrated how Allah has given him and his Ummah the fear that the kuffar would not even attack him. They would fear them from 30 days’ journey. It is something the prophet Muhammad enjoyed.

“This is something the Muslim Ummah enjoyed as well. Why is it like that? Why did it change? Why do people feel so arrogant and so willing to attack Muslims, on an individual level and on a worldwide level? Why?”

Why are kuffar (disbelievers or non-believers of Islam) arrogantly attacking Muslims? He says the prophet Muhammad gave the answer, speaks of those nations gathering against Muslims, and finally mentions the problem which made Allah remove that fear from their hearts, because Wahn afflicts the hearts of Muslims: love for the dunya (this world) and being scared of death. Imam Na’eem Abdullah sounds as if he has read the historical doctrines in Sunni Islam responsible for minor sign 67 on page 146 and 147 of a certain Darussalam book, or the Darussalam book itself, when he mentions the Muslims not being water, but the useless scum from flood waters.

This Darussalam book sold in many non-Islamic countries is primarily about how Islam will triumph and the signs needing to be fulfilled before the Last Day, telling Muslims to conduct eternal jihād until non-believers recite the Shahada, preparing for the final war against the Jews and Christians whereby Roman Christians are obviously defined in that book as Europeans and Americans, etc. Below is his finishing paragraph.

“We already know how, we already know why, all we have to do is act according to it. All we have to do is act according to it. The only deen that Allah (swt) will accept is Al-Islam. There is no victory in anything outside of Al-Islam. And we have to do it all of the way, not part of the way. All of the way and not part of the way.”

He truly behaves as a good leader of the Islamic civilization. Several conclusions can be made at the end of this lesson: The earliest Muslims were not half-Muslims or Muslims only in identity, and went all the way in all aspects of life (eating, thinking, speaking, etc) by faithfully adhering to the deen of Al-Islam, hence they remained on top when committing acts of violence and murder against non-Muslims, unlike many Muslims of later generations. This imam intends to emulate them, which tells this non-orientalist he knows how to lie to his Muslim congregation and non-Muslims, instigating hate while misinforming the Muslims he teaches, about the USA and other non-Sunni Muslims and non-Muslims.

It is imperative to know the criteria and definitions of the Ummah according to how Islam truly defined itself as a civilization, and use appropriate language to make accurate comparisons, classification and identification using non-Islamic systems. More than 1000 years ago, the true Deen of Islam is fundamentally, ultimately, completely unwilling to integrate or change in any way, and those who adhere to it should be grateful to Allah by adhering to his deen, or they will not enjoy the victories and spoils of the earliest Muslims, especially the first generation of Muslims who constitute the Companions of the prophet Muhammad.

Nur Uz-Zamaan’s youtube channel is where this imam posts his lessons for Masjid al-Mu’min of Pittsburgh, and his lectures are noteworthy. In his lecture posted on 23 June 2017 titled ‘THERE WILL NOT CEASE TO BE A GROUP FROM MY UMMAH WHO…” [16] where he tells his congregation Muslims are being bullied and makes so many points for them to remember, such as how to remember deviant groups of people who identify as Muslims, including the Qur’ān-only Muslims and Ahmadiyya.

“One thing that all deviant groups have in common, whether it’s open or they try to hide it…. Is a disrespect for the prophet Muhammad.”

He explains the Qur’ān was revealed piecemeal, bits at a time, to the prophet Muhammad. He also states it is impossible to be a practising Muslim and follow the Qur’ān and ignore the ḥadīth outside the Qur’ān, references 33:21 of the Qur’ān and states “Indeed, in the Messenger of Allah, you have an excellent pattern to follow, for whoever hopes to meet Allah and the Last Day remembers Allah often.”

There is a mention of Donald Trump. He tells his congregation a war has been declared on Muslims and also narrates a ḥadīth to make his point, whereby the prophet Muhammad said, “War is deception”, then misuses the actual significance behind this ḥadīth to illustrate how the people waging war on Muslims are deceptive, while also misusing the murder of Philando Castile as an example to make his point.

“They are trying to break you psychologically. They are trying to take you away from Islam!”

At 23:46 of this video, before narrating a certain ḥadīth from Sahîh Muslim which he says is classified as ṣaḥīḥ and mutawaatir, he also tries to give a simplified technical explanation of “mutawaatir”, which includes the first three generations of Muslims. He says the scholars differ as to what is the definition of mutawaatir, but the lowest number of narrators per generation is 5 people, and the point of a ḥadīth being mutawaatir means it is impossible to be a lie. A ḥadīth being mutawaatir has the same level of authenticity as the Qur’ān, and to not believe or disagree with this ḥadīth is equivalent to disagreeing with a verse of the Qur’ān, and doing so makes you a disbeliever, a kafir. He also says it is always a small group of Muslims steadfast to the truth within the Ummah, and the truth will never end until the order of Allah arrives. He also praises the new Muslims who continued the truth and stood up for Islam.

“There will not cease to constantly be a group from my Ummah steadfast on the commandments of Allah. They will not be harmed (in any way) by those who abandon them, nor by those who oppose them. This will remain their condition until the order of Allah (amrullah) arrives.”

[ In this hadith, “order of Allah (amrullah)” is referring to the time of death or the “Last Day”. The scholars have expressed many different opinions regarding the identity of this group. To sum up, they are as follows: {1} the experts of hadith (al-muhadditheen), {2} the fighters in the way of Allah (al-mujaahideen), {3} the teachers of the deen (al-ulamaa’), {4} the protected friends of Allah (al-awliyaa’), or [5] no one specific category or grouping of Muslims, but any number of group or groups containing all of the above mentioned leaders. ] – Entry in Imam Na’eem Abdulllah’s weebly blog, dated 27 April 2014 [17]

The main details of this lecture on Youtube can be found on Imam Na’eem Abdullah’s blog of entries for the Nur Uz-Zamaan Institute, in the entry dated 27 April 2014. Another article titled “So Who Are Ahl ul-Hadith?” by Shaikh Rabee’ bin Haadee al-Madkhalee adds to the contents of that weebly blog entry, while clarifying the importance of holding fast to the path of the Companions. [18]

Since the truth within the Ummah will never be lost and is always confined to a small group of Muslims, the truth of the actual deen of Islam is always preserved throughout Islam’s existence by a carefully-selected minority of Muslims within Sunni Islam. Those Muslims committing violent crimes and are killed or go to war and die early cannot continue the truth.

Therefore, totalling the number of knowledgeable scholars, imams, and their select group of loyalists in Sunni Islam throughout history for more than 1400 years adhering to orthodox Islam by enabling all Sunni Muslims to go to Hajj and carry out the Hajj mostly in unison, prepare for prayers and pray without deviating from the specific rituals and actions alongside other Muslims in any mosque of Sunni Islam worldwide every week, refuse to reveal the fundamental failure of Sunni Islam’s authentic Sunnah and the Qur’ān from more than 1000 years ago, etc… is this group from the Ummah always “steadfast on the commandments of Allah” a small minority within the total number of citizens in the divine civilisation of Sunni Islam? Yes.

Back in 2014 and 2015, this imam was obviously preaching subversion and sedition on Fridays while uploading videos such as “WE HAVE VISION AND WE HAVE A PLAN” on 30 January 2015 to his Nur uz-Zamaan youtube channel, knowing the USA is not ruled by Islam, knowing Islam is not a religion, while encouraging his Muslim audience to go all the way in adhering to Islam and reject what is outside Islam, which amounts to rejecting the fundamental institutions and history and constitution and laws of the USA making the USA what it is today. Did any of his Muslim congregation proclaim to outsiders how Islam is a Deen and not a religion?

How many imams in the USA and other countries not ruled by Islam are living Islam as completely as he is, hiding true teachings of Islam through actions of sedition and subversion towards the country not ruled by Islam, ensuring many non-Muslims and a significant number of Muslims do not know, while misleading their Muslim congregations and keeping them in Al-Islam, by keeping silent about the fundamental failure of Islam and the Qur’ān from more than 1000 years ago?

On one of his Half Your Deen radio episodes on Youtube dated 16 February 2017 and titled “Would You Marry a non-Muslim” which tell Muslims marrying a disbeliever or a pseudo-Muslim from a deviant group makes that Muslim a kafir and also explains the limitations permitting a Muslim man to marry a Christian woman or Jewish woman (which are marriages the earliest Muslims looked down upon), around the 59:00 mark, the imam’s female host reads out an English-translated ḥadīth narrated by Anas ibn Malik, which is part of minor sign 55 on page 126 of the Darussalam book about the Major and Minor Signs of the Hour. Her knowledge of Islam is obviously not extensive or detailed, while Imam Na’eem Abdullah is obviously aware of the signs of the Hour, given how he explained the last portion of the ḥadīth.

In another Critical Summary revealing one of 2 Darussalam books, it is revealed how the earliest Muslims achieved this and performed the best type of jihād, by actively seeking and waging war on non-Muslims and expanding the empire of Islam. Some Muslims will kill and imprison others for Islam to succeed, on behalf of all Muslims, and the first three rightful caliphs of Sunni Islam are used as prime examples in a Darussalam book reviewed in this community [19]. This Darussalam book is available in many countries not ruled by Islam.

The horrible pages of this Darussalam book are matched by Imam Na’eem Abdullah’s Ju’muah khutbahs, such as the sermon titled “WE HAVE VISION AND WE HAVE A PLAN”. He praised the rightful caliphs of Sunni Islam and their conquering of Arabia. The 10-point Medina Program he tells his congregation to implement in 2015 and establish in Pittsburgh is to start small, and includes controlling everything such as what they eat, control money such as employing fellow Muslims and patronising Muslim businesses such as buying clothes and food, etc, and this is called getting into the Medina mindset. He tells them that when Medina is established, everybody can be at Friday Ju’muah and won’t have to be worried at getting fired, because the bosses will be there too.

“We have a vision, and we have a plan. Our vision here is beyond this building. Our vision is to build Medina, a city.”

This city of his vision extends beyond Pittsburgh, New York, and Los Angeles, otherwise it is thinking inside a book. He also claims during the time of the prophet Muhammad, there was no limitations on what a city could be. He emphasises control, which is what Medina was about. This point of Islamic history is with regards to the prophet Muhammad intentionally migrating from Mecca to Yathrib, to institute the necessary foundations of the civilisation of Islam and eventually control Medina in every aspect, economically and socially and beyond that, through creating converts to the nation of Islam while methodically getting rid of rivals as obstacles to his goals. When the prophet Muhammad was finally ready after conquering Yathrib (known as Medina today), he went back to Mecca with a larger number of fellow Muslims to conquer Mecca.

This imam says it is time for action. He prays that Allah (swt) make “us” like the prophets, and Allah moves “us” closer to our goals. “Us” refers to Muslims. You should watch this video for yourself. [20]

How do you think Islamic terrorists (or migrants who believe in Islam and commit crimes of rape or violence in a non-Islamic country) are created? There are many books about Islam out there, but where would these people get guidance from?

Are you ready to face the inevitable fact that for more than 1400 years, the civilization of Islam was never created to integrate but solely for domination and subjugation, and will never integrate? Are you also ready to face the fact that the Deen of Sunni Islam never lost its scholarship and is reviving itself but so many people mistakenly assume Islam going backwards, as seen in examples such as Egypt’s girls wearing Islamic headscarves at younger ages, and not merely in the rural areas but also in cities? [21]

The next Critical Summary will take you to Bosnia, USA, Egypt, Denmark and India, to reveal the full extent of the Ummah, the nation of the prophet Muhammad being a timelessly superior civilization of certain criteria according to the historically-unchanged authoritative scholarship of Sunni Islam binding on all Sunni Muslims from more than 1000 years ago.

What are the crucial differences of a civilisation of more than 1.5 billion citizens classifying itself as a timeless superior civilisation which must eventually conquer this world and subjugate all non-Muslims as goals from more than 1000 years ago, instead of a religion of more than 1.5 billion believers?

To fairly protect apostates from Islam, Ex-Muslims should be legally identified as political asylum seekers fleeing persecution from the most dangerous civilization in human history. Refugees identifying as Muslims but are clueless about how they are being used by fellow Muslims intentionally lying to them need to be enlightened, while citizens in a non-Islamic country need to be protected by the country’s laws and police officers and military. A discussion and firm stand on what is acceptable and unacceptable is necessary, especially if non-Islamic laws and sovereignty of non-Islamic countries will not be respected. This unreported charade of deception for more than 1400 years by the guardians controlling the civilization of Sunni Islam has persisted long enough.








[7] Video from Nur Uz-Zaman Youtube channel, uploaded 25 July 2015, sermon by imam Na’eem Abdullah on 24 July 2015 titled “Islam is a DEEN and NOT a religion”:

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