Our Mission


Whether you are an ex-Muslim — forced to leave home and family behind on the basis of divergent belief — a questioning Muslim, or simply someone who wants to help fix a broken system, we’d like to share with you why it is time to have an earnest cultural dialogue involving Ex-Muslims.

Every day, this world and what happens is comprised of intersecting stories, containing details and facts you may or may not be aware of, or wrongly misunderstand.

To enable an effective evolutionary process of change and solutions, it is imperative to get the storyline and details accurate. Ex-Muslims, non-Muslims and Muslims are vital pivots and participants in a global conversation that has not yet occurred.

The time has come for this conversation.

To overcome obstacles of misunderstanding and miscommunication, this important conversation has been divided into two stages. The first stage is about awareness while enabling people to understand Ex-Muslims and the humanity we share, regardless of whether we identity as Ex-Muslim, Muslim, or non-Muslim. The second stage unveils facts and details alongside evidence, helping every child and adult to face global reality and progress together.

Shift The Script, an independent non-partisan non-profit organization creating global and local conversations to facilitate an evolutionary process of communications and dialogue for effective solutions, provides the platform where this exchange starts.

Working together to overcome obstacles -balancing facts with empathy- through dialogue and accuracy and willingness to share critical information, empowers constructive solutions. Question what you think you know. Help us expand open-minded spaces and evolve echo chambers into shared spaces of connective humanity.

Will you be a pivot of evolution and revolution, and shift the script?


To help prime ministers, presidents and governments of all countries become aware and address this problem of collaborative fraud creating the largest global crisis which should be officially classified as Crimes Against Humanity, online action and offline action must be taken.

In 2017, approximately 84,000 people across 66 countries died because of 121 groups sharing the same fundamental beliefs. The key fundamental causes of senseless Muslim murders and non-Muslim murders can be ended, by revealing the details and evidence confirming 2 facts from more than 1000 years ago, which have not been taught together to many Sunni Muslims and many non-Muslims in many countries.

These include certain terrorists which have been denied the most important fact they need to know, and why everything many terrorists have believed was hidden by an important lie. That first fact is the most important detail to conceal, because it will irreversibly lead to the end of Sunni Islam in schools, courts, governments and all fields of society. Ground-breaking verifiable evidence has been procured, originating from Saudi Arabia.

Police report filed with Royal Malaysia Police in Malaysia on 17 March 2019 against ulama in Malaysia (English)

Police report filed at Raoul Wallenberg 10 in Israel on 27 March 2019 against Grand Mufti of Jerusalem (Hebrew short version and English long version attached)

The public is encouraged to read these reports and the explanation for why Malaysia and Israel must be informed, understand what is happening, and please consider informing fellow citizens and political leaders of all countries.

Take offline action. Stop unnecessary divisions, and realise the main group of culprits: The scholars officially designated as leaders of Sunni Islam and “Heirs of the Prophets” by a a certain “prophet” more than 1000 years ago from the same scholarship containing 2 important facts.

These scholars include all Grand Muftis today who must be held responsible for maintaining specific deceptions continuing more than 1000 years of tragedy, related deaths, broken families, and suffering of women.