Summaries of Light


Critical Summary 1 – An overview of why evolutionary conversations on a local-national-global scale are necessary, when humans have never had such conversations for most of human history.

Critical Summary 2 – What are Ex-Muslims? How are the futures of Ex-Muslims tied to Muslims and non-Muslims? How do we conduct a ground-breaking evolutionary conversation connecting Ex-Muslims, non-Muslims and Muslims?

~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~* In the following summaries, ground-breaking vital evidence and relevant connections will show you what you need to know, about a unique combination of 3 facts denied to 99% of the current global population today ~*~*~*~*~*~*~

Critical Summary 3 – How 2 countries in Southeast Asia connect to the USA and the rest of the world, when it comes to certain circumstances and context primarily affecting how Islam can and cannot function resulting in highly-selective teaching, while proving the most important and dangerous oral tradition in Sunni Islam dictating how a Sunni Muslim migrates to Allah of the Qur’ān. Understand the fundamentals of how and why a majority of Sunni Muslims are deceived by a minority of Sunni Muslims for more than 1000 years.

Critical Summary 4   All Sunni Muslims are obligated to believe in 5 principles of Al-Islam and 6 pillars of iman because of the authentic Sunnah, regardless of personal differences in interpreting the Qur’ān and authentic Sunnah. The Day of Judgement is one of 6 pillars, and there are major and minor signs of the Hour which must happen before the Day of Judgement, for Islam to triumph over all non-Islamic systems and non-believers. 

The Qur’ān, Islam, and the authentic Sunnah responsible for the unique civilization of Sunni Islam are proven to have no authority, no credibility, and no right to exist as laws or values advocated by anybody in governments or societies, thanks to unique evidence irreversibly demonstrating how the prophet Muhammad taught his Companions to fail basic science more than 1000 years ago.

Ulama (deemed heirs of the Prophets according to the prophet Muhammad) worldwide hide the proof of this fundamental authentic Sunnah from many Sunni Muslims, especially in non-Islamic countries regarding this obligatory belief on all Sunni Muslims: The major sign of the Sun Rising From Its Place of Setting, utilising numerous aī adīth mutawaatir in the Sahîhain.

Thanks to Darussalam Publications from Saudi Arabia and a Saudi Arabian professor with more than 20 years’ experience giving sermons in Saudi Arabian mosques! Thoroughly demonstrates in English and Arabic why all scholars of Sunni Islam are permanently jobless within 10 minutes and why Sunni Islam and the Qur’ān has been irrelevant for more than 1000 years, in 4 pages of a book sold in many non-Islamic countries such as USA, India and France.

Critical Summary 5 – Sunni Islam is a Deen governing a civilization. Before you realise the relevant conditions, many people within the USA are unaware of an uninterrupted global party happening in the USA. Certain heirs of the Prophets (citizens and foreigners) in Sunni Islam have been teaching their followers interesting facts, such as how Islam is a Deen and not a religion, and why the “Deen” of Islam cannot be translated as “religion” according to the earliest Muslims… while claiming Islam is a religion to American governments for as long as Islam has existed in the USA, primarily because of these scholars emulating the Hijrah in the USA. What is the true context of Islam, when using accurate history?

Critical Summary 6 – What are the criteria and definitions of a civilization? The uninterrupted global party spans countries, connecting the USA to other countries. Certain connections will help you realise the transformation of Sunni Islam in all dimensions more than 1000 years ago, thanks to vital history of the intentional migration of the prophet Muhammad (the Hijrah).

~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~ At this point: Mosques, Madrasahs, ties of brotherhood in Sunni Islam, books of Sunni Islam and all other related systems to Sunni Islam previously created/are being created and exist primarily because Sunni Islam is a Deen governing a civilization from more than 1000 years ago, not a religion. And in the authentic Sunnah more than 1000 years ago where all Sunni Muslims must believe in 5 pillars of Al-Islam and 6 pillars of iman, the major signs of the Hour must happen and requires active destruction of non-Islamic systems, so Islam can triumph over all non-Islamic systems and non-believers. 

This is the primary context, whenever you see anything related to Sunni Islam’s expansion and existence for more than 1000 years. Due to collective ignorance of a majority of Sunni Muslims for more than 1000 years about 3 combined facts revealed in this investigation, such ignorance enables Sunni Islam to be the biggest civilization in existence. Islam is the biggest civilization in existence. China’s population today is less than 1.4 billion people, compared to more than 1.5 billion Sunni Muslims or more than 1.8 billion Muslims.

Can all believers of the Qur’ān explain and justify why Allah of the Qur’ān allowed a clear majority of Muslims ie more than 80% of the current Muslim population to believe and endorse Sunni Islam and the Qur’ān, and did not correct his prophet’s failures for more than 1000 years? ~*~*~*~*~*~   

Critical Summary 7 – Other than Critical Summaries 2 to 6, two Darussalam books published in 2010 alongside “40 Nawawī” by Imam an-Nawawī have been cited in those summaries and are vital to helping 99% of people today understand various issues. Why?

Critical Summary 8, 9 and 10Reviews of the 3 books, 1 book per summary. Important information in each summary.

~*~*~*~* Before reading the remaining summaries, please properly digest the first 10 summaries, and then read according to the corresponding order below ~*~*~*~*~*~

Critical Summary 11Keeping in mind Critical Summaries 2 to 6, it is important to understand when lying is not lying in Sunni Islam, and why Sunni Muslims can be deceived by fellow Sunni Muslims.

Critical Summary 12 How would you peacefully put an end to jihād?

Critical summary 13Binding fundamental definitions of Jihād: What you need to know.

Critical Summary 14Invasion of Constantinople proves Islam was never peaceful. Once again, thank you, Darussalam Publications.

Critical Summary 15Europeans and Americans, more than 1000 years ago, you were defined as Roman Christians, and do you know what Islam intends for the Roman Christians?

Critical Summary 16Why Islam is resistant to change

Critical Summary 17  Ruling in accordance with what Allah revealed is one of the most important obligations in Sunni Islam. French law and English law are examples of what is not revealed according to Allah. Since Islam aims to prevail over all countries eventually (as revealed by Critical Summaries 2 to 6), is it important to know non-Islamic laws are rejected by Sunni Islam?

Critical Summary 18 and 19  Why are there no girls in the Qur’ān, if you read carefully. What are the implications? How are LGBT people and females affected?

Critical Summary 20  Why the Ottoman Sultans never made Hajj. How do the facts of such vital history helps you understand how the fundamentalists of Islam are emulating the earliest Muslims, and how all Sunni Muslims and other Muslims empower them regardless of informed consent or not, simply by identifying as a Muslim or giving authority to the Qur’ān?

Critical Summary 21The 2 Darussalam books published in 2010 advocate killing of Jews, while sold in many countries such as France, Malaysia, India and USA. One of them viciously devotes more than 10 glossy colourful pages to killing Jews, and the destruction of Israel on a certain date less than 5 years away (one page clearly shows Jews in prayer and what Jews wear). When a Sunni Muslim believes in 5 principles of Al-Islam and 6 pillars of iman, or a Muslim endorses the Qur’ān, this is what you endorse.

Hezbollah points at least 150,000 rockets at Israel. Iran threatens annihilation. Hamas and Fatah hate each other while ruling the West Bank and Gaza Strip, and put pressure on Israel with their demands. Israel suffers ridiculous discrimination from the United Nations.

When you ignorantly assume the chanting of, “From the river to the sea, Palestine will be free” is based on righting wrongs, or infringe on the rights of Israeli athletes in sports? You endorse and empower deceitful scholars from the largest civilisation in human history, who justified genocide of Jews more than 1000 years ago. Do you like endorsing genocide?

This justification uses authentic oral traditions in the Sahîhain, as authoritative as the major sign of the Sun Rising From Its Place of Setting in the West proving how Sunni Islam irreversibly fails (see Critical Summary 4).   

Critical Summary 22How does “Victory and Consolidation of Power on Earth” happen, according to 24:55 of the Qur’ān and the authentic Sunnah? Thanks to a Darussalam book revealed in the earlier summaries, the first 3 rightful caliphs are espoused as ideal role models for invasions and war in non-Islamic lands and their people, until Islam triumphs.

Critical Summary 23Ramadān is the month of… not what you think it is.

Critical Summary 244:34 of the Qur’ān allows men who believe in Allah of the Qur’ān to beat their wives if necessary. Irrefutable proof is used here. What does an argument over a United Nations Report, a study by professor Nawal H. Ammar, and one volume of the Muslim World League Journal prove how the Qur’ān and Islam promotes inequality of sexes and oppresses women, while fundamentally opposing feminism?