Did you know it is possible for three people to be sincerely genuine and honestly helpful, yet have 3 different widely-varying descriptions and interpretations of the same event? Such a complex daily reality is normal, based on expectations and emotions of each individual colouring the neuroscience of what we assume about our memories, during habitual attempts at memory reconstruction. How would all this affect our attempts at conversations?   

Conversations are important in our lives. Whether they occur online or offline, a conversation can achieve more than you can see or realise. When conversations occur, people are interacting with each other, while strangers you disagree with are not ‘others’ to be easily dismissed or hastily demonised. Have you ever been labelled with assumptions from others? What do you want for yourself?

Other than the above, lack of knowledge, false knowledge mistaken for wisdom, and unrealised prejudice with no basis contributes to daily assumptions. As humans, we are not organised piles of facts or concisely edited news reports. Each of us contain and create stories with details seeking order within the unknown and chaos of every day, doing our best to create a sense of security and connective understanding in whatever we witness, read and hear.

Stories intersect, becoming scripts. We compose scripts in our minds, because we seek to make scripts out of our experiences and what we learn every day. How do we deal with floods of information and news bombarding us every day? What is a ground-breaking evolutionary conversation about Ex-Muslims requiring you to participate and interact with fellow humans?

Agreeing on accurate vital context and fundamental definitions of the topic or issue for the sake of fairness would be important, or we will only talk past each other.

Why are you a critical pivot in space and time affecting the history and progress of humanity? Do you know the responsibilities you possess, along with tremendous potential for creating evolution? Are you aware of your ability to shift a script, and help others Shift The Script?