Urgent Love Letter 2: Prime Minister of Malaysia Dr. Mahathir bin Mohamed


Urgent Love Letter 2: Prime Minister of Malaysia

Kepada Amat Berhormat

Tun Mahathir

I am writing a short letter to you about the largest global problem today, but I first wish to congratulate you. You were the 4th Prime Minister of Malaysia and at the age of 92, became the 7th Prime Minister of Malaysia.

Sacrifices of many people mingled with disciplined teamwork in 2017 and 2018, alongside many other factors going back decades, enabled Pakatan Harapan to become the government of change.

Ever since you helped to officially ensure change, you have been working very hard day and night, to also help a new team adapt quickly to challenges and demands of serving the people. You made mistakes decades ago, which is understandable, but people suffered unnecessarily.

One of my parents experienced the consequences of your mistakes, which you are now trying to rectify for the future of all Malaysians. You have also changed, and I wish to help you ensure Malaysia fulfills potential overdue for decades.

Bringing the country forward is a herculean task. Malaysia cannot progress, if her biggest obstacle is not addressed. You are one of the bravest and smartest leaders today. Do you have the courage to face and address what I bring: The answer to your biggest stumbling block?

Did you know scholars of Sunni Islam believing they are the heirs of the Prophets (as narrated by the Prophet Muhammad) have always adhered to a carefully-guarded scholarship from more than 1000 years ago anchored around one oral tradition, to keep many Sunni Muslims such as you ignorant of 2 combined facts?

Were you ever told to use dictionaries to help you understand how the earliest Muslims understood the Arabic word “Deen” in the Qur’an, as to why it cannot be translated as “religion”?

Were you ever informed of how the earliest Muslims failed basic science more than 1000 years ago, in the most authentic books containing oral traditions narrating how verses of the Qur’an were given?

More Than Murtadd is a website revealing an investigation for all governments and the global public to understand. The article “LARGEST GLOBAL PROBLEM TODAY: Answers found in Malaysia, Singapore and Indonesia” is a short article of less than 2720 words [1].

I could present 6 quotes [2] to help your understanding, but you might claim they are insufficient. You are welcome to refute me about the proof I bring, if you can.

All Sunni Muslims believe in 5 principles of Al-Islam and 6 pillars of iman. One of the 6 pillars of faith is the Day of Judgement. Before the Day of Judgment, many minor and major signs must happen beforehand.

The major sign of the sun literally rising from its place of setting in the West [3] over a flat earth was revealed in Arabic and English by a Saudi Arabian scholar giving Friday sermons at mosques in Saudi Arabia for more than 20 years, and his distinguished teaching career in Sunni Islam includes being a professor at King Sa’ood University in Riyadh. He published a book, a 2010 Darussalam bestseller available in USA, Malaysia, India, France, England, Germany and countless other countries.

See the proof and explanations. Believing in this future major sign is obligatory for Sunni Muslims. Prophet Muhammad never wrote down any oral traditions in the authentic Sunnah, and these authentic oral traditions are mutawaatir, of the highest authority.

How do you feel, not knowing all the earliest Muslims failed basic science more than 1000 years ago in the authentic Sunnah? Many Muslims and non-Muslims are also deceived.

Too many have wasted their lives as terrorists, causing grief, and squandering resources. Would you want to know why? If you wish to understand quickly enough, what I warmly suggest to POTUS Donald Trump is what I also extend to you. What happens, if I go to Malaysia in March 2019?

For attempting to help people worldwide and leaders such as you, some Malaysians are attacking Shift The Script on social media.

They do not care about an investigation 99% of people today do not know but urgently need to know. Do they know that acting on hateful words and abusing social media features is obstruction of justice, hurting fellow citizens?

If Malaysia wants to truly progress, please officially face the failure of the Qur’an and Sunni Islam, as revealed on More Than Murtadd. It is time for Malaysia to mature, when it comes to discussing the unique civilization of Sunni Islam.

Zaman sekarang, banyak yang hilang budaya dan budi kepada negara dan keluarga. Negara dapat maju dengan rakyat yang setia dan hormati satu sama lain yang tak sama ugama dan kehidupan Mereka.

Harap Tun bertimbang kepada kenyataan dalam surat.

Yang Benar,


Founder of Shift The Script and More Than Murtadd

[1] https://islamis.is/why-shiftthescript/

[2] https://islamis.is/axs-notes-how-to-study-more-than-murtadd/

[3] https://islamis.is/critical-summaries/critical-summary-4-2/