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LARGEST GLOBAL PROBLEM TODAY: Answers found in Malaysia, Singapore, and Indonesia

Southeast Asia might be a region easy to enjoy as a tourist, maybe have a family… or possibly represented in international news as a region studded with some countries suffering issues related to democracy, draconian measures including blasphemy laws, corruption in government, respect for civil rights, freedom of speech, and free independent press as the Fourth Estate.

Malaysia and Singapore are 2 countries with vibrant economies in Southeast Asia, sharing important similarities and differences. Many citizens value racial and religious harmony.

How do these maritime neighbours and Indonesia hold the keys to unveiling Sunni Islam?

Malays constitute Malaysia’s biggest majority race-wise, with Han Chinese as the second-biggest race group constituting almost one-third of the population and still deemed a minority. Ethnic Chinese constitute Singapore’s biggest majority race-wise, with Malays constituting approximately 15% of the population and the second-biggest race group. The majority of Malays in Malaysia are Sunni Muslims. The majority of Malays in Singapore are Sunni Muslims.

Unlike more than 20 other countries also enshrining Islam in the Constitution, Malaysia has a unique constitutional monarchy not exercised anywhere else in the world. Sultans in 9 states are the heads of Islam in their respective states. The King of Sultans known as Yang di-Pertuan Agong is chosen on a rotational basis among the Sultans in 9 States every 5 years, and the Yang di-Pertuan Agong is a male Malay Muslim wielding specific duties while representing the leader and protector of Islam in Malaysia.

Unlike many Malaysian Muslims, Sultans and prospective heirs have a pattern of spending part of the first 23 years of their lives at non-Islamic Western Institutes of study. The Kelantan Sultan who recently abdicated as Agong is an example.

Malaysia and Singapore are still affected by British colonial-era laws pertaining to sedition, while also armed with laws able to punish people who disturb racial or religious harmony.

In its arsenal of defences, Singapore’s biggest deterrent is the Internal Security Act (ISA) which has been employed for national security, such as handling radicalised individuals posing terror threats. The longest ISA detainee in Singapore’s history is Chia Thye Poh, in prison for 23 years without trial since 1966, then serving house arrest for another 9 years after being released from jail.

Malaysia has made memorable improvements, since the peaceful transition of power after the 14th general elections held on 9 May 2018. This outcome was due to many factors over decades, including citizens exasperated with the biggest kleptocracy scandal in global history. Despite gerrymandering and intimidating obstacles, the ruling coalition was democratically booted out after 61 years, proving many experts worldwide wrong in the process.

Numerous scandals are being investigated and unearthed, keeping the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission busy. Social media, independent media and traditional media are experiencing freedoms previously not enjoyed.

That said, Malaysia still has laws such as Poca and Sosma which were thoroughly exercised on critics against the previous ruling government, but also saw a total of 142 children and 17 minors detained under Poca and Sosma respectively at some point. Malaysia and Singapore are 2 of 20 countries which are neither parties nor signatories to the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights.

Malaysia also has laws dealing with people who disturb racial and religious harmony, while exercising some of the strictest censorship laws in the world. This includes sales of translated physical copies of the Qur’an in Malaysia needing official approval by the Ministry of Home Affairs, before they can be sold without potential repercussions.

You might say these countries are among the safest places in the world. But why are a small number of citizens self-radicalising? The national schools have curriculums involving Islam vetted by the governments. What about mosques? What about online? What about guidance outside of any nationalised education?

Governments cannot figure it out, especially with the renewed threat of certain terrorist groups targeting Southeast Asia. “Lone wolf” attacks are also a common problem worldwide, draining government resources unnecessarily.

Unknown to the Malaysian and Singapore governments, history leading to the current context of their countries provides the strongest defences against the biggest civilization in human history: Sunni Islam.

In Singapore and Malaysia, it is almost impossible to teach certain facts of Sunni Islam such as the importance of a Caliphate, vital history such as how the First 3 Rightful Sultans of Sunni Islam expanded Sunni Islam through bloody warfare, the invasion of Constantinople based on an oral tradition by the Prophet Muhammad, why the Arabic word for “Deen” of Islam in the Qur’an cannot be translated as “religion”… especially the non-divine complete failure of the authentic Sunnah and Qur’an more than 1000 years ago.

Indonesia is the largest Muslim-majority country in the world today, with more than 87% of its citizens being Sunni Muslims. Sunni Muslims in Malaysia, Singapore and Indonesia officially adhere to the Shafi’i school of Islamic Jurisprudence. Many Muslims and non-Muslims in Southeast Asia are not fluent in Arabic. Such Muslims are heavily dependent on scholars of Sunni Islam. In Malaysia and Singapore, the scholars of Sunni Islam have no power or very-limited power in the government.

Unknown to many citizens and foreigners, the Constitutions and laws of both countries oppose and severely restrict responsibilities of the ulama officially designated the heirs of the Prophets and the leaders of the Ummah (according to the authentic Sunnah of the Prophet Muhammad).

Unknown to governments of these countries, it is possible for their citizens to purchase certain books or receive certain books from relatives overseas. If you realise overwhelming ignorance affecting many Sunni Muslims about Sunni Islam in Malaysia or Singapore, especially those who do not have the abilities to achieve good results in national schools? They might willingly lend you books meant only for Muslims to read.

Darussalam is a Saudi Arabian publishing house calling itself the “Global Leader in Islamic Books”. One book is a bestseller produced in 2010, created by a Saudi Arabian scholar who has given Friday khutbah for more than 20 years in mosques of Saudi Arabia.

If you understand the basics of Sunni Islam, you will know all Sunni Muslims must believe in 5 principles of Al-Islam and 6 pillars of faith. Sunni Muslims have varying interpretations of the Qur’an and authentic Sunnah, due to a strictly-guarded scholarship from more than 1000 years ago denied to many Sunni Muslims, firmly anchored in one oral tradition.

One of the 6 pillars of faith is the Day of Judgement. This Day of Judgement is preceded by major signs and minor signs of the Hour starting from the sending of the Prophet Muhammad, and these signs must happen before that Day. Using Arabic and English, quoting the Qur’an and most authoritative oral traditions by the Companions of the Prophet Muhammad in the authentic Sunnah, Dr Shaykh Muhammad Al-Arifi explains and accidentally reveals how the Prophet Muhammad and his Companions failed basic science more than 1000 years ago. Allah of the Qur’an did not correct any of them.

In 4 pages and less than 5 minutes, you can see how all scholars of Sunni Islam have no authority or credibility to affect any societies or governments or courts in any country, and this should have happened more than 1000 years ago.

Why have many Sunni Muslims been denied this knowledge deemed fundamental Sunnah and obligatory belief or labelled as untrue believers, as this Darussalam book describes, especially Sunni Muslims not living in the Middle East?

The answer depends on you understanding how Malaysia and Singapore function, which accidentally poses the greatest restrictions and rejections for the fundamentals of Sunni Islam, in two different Constitutions. This knowledge is necessary alongside details of the most dangerous oral tradition in Sunni Islam ultimately rewarding actions of the heart, as long as your intention is to migrate to Allah, and Allah is your only witness where this matters.

The moment you understand this concealed non-divine failure of a major sign in Sunni Islam and why 99% of people today have been denied 3 combined facts because of overly-selective opportunistic teaching? You will understand why this oral tradition can shape what you learn or fail to learn from certain Sunni Muslims, depending on where you are and who you trust. Terrorists such as Boko Haram and Islamic State are included in the 99%.

However, having pointed out how Malaysia and Singapore accidentally oppose Sunni Islam, would you be willing to inform any of those governments on their soil, when they might not believe you? Would you attempt to personally inform Muslims in any of those countries?

Laws for deterring disturbance of racial and religious harmony are a double-edged sword. People can also make police reports about what they deem as dubious racial or religious incitement, or sedition, which happens easily enough in Malaysia.

It can take years to figure out how to inform the world, and how to help people in many countries. It requires finding like-minded people who value intellectual integrity and intellectual humility, regardless of ethnicity or country. Online or offline, skills and manners in communication need civic-mindedness. Such problems require a focus on national education to evolve, enhanced through a pioneering concept.

After experimentation, realising the need for evolutionary conversations to accommodate the complexities of people which can always get messy? Shift The Script was born.

Comments posted on Shift The Script’s social media have ranged from sincerely encouraging to unsurprising. Over-simplifications, not reading, and jumping to conclusions are evident in many negative snide comments and spontaneous insults. Uninformed prejudices and condescension displaying painful ignorance primarily harms people who need your help.

If you have never visited or lived in Malaysia or Singapore, you might not know how different races mingle freely and warmly convey well-wishes openly to each other, during certain festivals in Malaysia. It is not uncommon for school children to wear ethnic clothing of other ethnicities, encouraged during Racial Harmony Day in Singapore. Trying to blanket-assume ideas such as cultural appropriation is only going to make you look stupid, especially if you apply that to foods such as laksa in Malaysia and Singapore.

Older generations of ethnic Chinese in Singapore who lived in kampungs before the major advent of public housing flats can speak Bahasa Melayu fluently, although the same cannot be said of ethnic Chinese exercising Singapore’s national language in the younger generations.

In Malaysia during December 2018, an 11-year-old Buddhist Chinese girl from Terengganu made the news as one of 47 people to score 8As in the Kafa examination for a certain Islamic certificate, undertaken by more than 19,000 participants. Subjects include Khat, Adab, and Ulum Shariah. She learns Arabic and Jawi more easily than Mandarin.

The capability of a person to understand a topic is not dependent on the label you claim or assumptions you give to those labels, but your abilities to analyse, investigate, think critically, and accurately dissect the topic.

More Than Murtadd is not about whether you have a religion or reject all religions. More Than Murtadd is about whether you will help fellow humans understand why Sunni Islam and the Qur’an had no authority or credibility in any governments or societies or Constitutions, for more than 1000 years.

In order to understand the failure of Sunni Islam? To understand why scholars of Sunni Islam inside and outside a much-larger country such as the USA teach Islam is a Deen and not a religion, but officially claim religious benefits? To understand the Deen governing a unique uncompromising civilization aiming to conquer all non-Islamic systems and subjugate non-believers, more than 1000 years ago?

More Than Murtadd is the gateway to realising how Ex-Muslims are affected by non-Muslims, Muslims and Ex-Muslims not understanding 3 combined facts. Governments worldwide urgently need to see this website. People urgently need to realise and share about this website.

Believing in the Qur’an as divine authority affects billions of people every day.

What will change, once the world officially realises the Qur’an and Sunni Islam’s failure?

All scholars of Sunni Islam today, why did you not teach all Sunni Muslims and non-Muslims in every country about 2 facts together, regarding the failure of the Qur’an and authentic Sunnah from more than 1000 years ago in the major sign of the sun rising from its place of setting, and how the earliest Muslims understood the Arabic word “Deen” for Islam cannot be translated as “religion” more than 1000 years ago?

Unless scholars knowingly hid these 2 key facts, not knowing any of the 2 facts proves your incompetency as “scholars” while contradicting the Prophet Muhammad naming the ulama as the heirs of the Prophets. Which option applies to each of you: intentionally omissive misleading, or ignorance? Failing science is also ignorance.

Scholars of Sunni Islam, people identifying as Sunni Muslims have supported you with their time and money, while making daily choices affecting other adults and children because of you. Why are you not teaching these 2 combined facts to the people who trust you?

I do not know which is most disgusting: Making good people believe they are true Sunni Muslims, but using these good people as salad dressing to mislead other people about Islam, while keeping these good people ignorant about their endorsement of terrorists such as Boko Haram? Creating terrorists such as Boko Haram faithful to the First 3 Rightful Sultans, but not teaching them the failure of the Qur’an and authentic Sunnah more than 1000 years ago?

Many Sunni Muslims do not know what they completely endorse, when identifying as a Sunni Muslim or respecting the Qur’an as a source of divine credibility. More Than Murtadd will reveal a vital unbroken network of connections across space and time, affecting many fields. How does this website apply specifically to many different countries?

Malaysians, PAS president Hadi Awang withdrew his lawsuit against Sarawak Report’s Clare Rewcastle-Brown. She did not apologise, did not pay any damages, and did not alter her article alleging PAS received RM 90 million from UMNO. Nik Abduh, son of former PAS president Nik Aziz Nik Mat, has made a claim but did not explain how denying an audio recording with the blessings of Hadi Awang is Shariah-compliant. He also tried to use his deceased father as a respectable example he was merely emulating.

Inventing good information and lying to fellow Muslims to keep the Ummah together is not lying. Also, the oral tradition equivalent to one-third of all knowledge in Sunni Islam is very specific about Allah rewarding intentions (niyyah) for migrating to him. Allah is your only important witness in this, just as the Deen of Al-Islam is not a religion.

Malaysian Muslims, do you wish to understand what else PAS has been concealing? How about Shariah justifying why the Ottoman Sultans never made Hajj, due to certain principles decided by the ulama using vital Islamic history, thus saddling a small number of Sunni Muslims with responsibilities on behalf of the Ummah?

Your best examples today emulating the Ottoman Sultans are terrorists such as Boko Haram and Islamic State, protecting you without your knowledge, but justified in personally executing you if you refuse to fulfil necessary obligations of jihad you may not know about.

To help Ex-Muslims be safe, have the right to be outspoken, and live freely with freedom of religion? More Than Murtadd contains more than 300 pages of information and explanations revealing problems with overly-selective opportunistic teaching justified by the authentic Sunnah, including why there are no girls in the Qur’an.

Muslims, please explain why Allah of the Qur’an allows more than 80% of Muslims today to identify as Sunni Muslims without realising the non-divine failure of the authentic Sunnah and Qur’an more than 1000 years ago? There are more than 1.5 billion Sunni Muslims worldwide, comprising a majority of more than 1.8 billion Muslims. China has less than 1.4 billion citizens. Hamas? Hezbollah? All Ayatollahs? Al-Qaeda? What are your answers?

Ex-Muslims and non-Muslims, will you help many people realise what everyone must know?

Will you help restore wounded hearts of loving parents to beloved children, and vice versa? You are allies, once you understand the root source of false divisions responsible for poisoning a large part of humanity, for more than 1000 years.

Happy Valentine’s Day, everyone!

14 February 2019


Founder of Shift The Script and More Than Murtadd